Tuesday 23 December 2014

Article: Long term memories are not stored at synapses

Long term memories are not stored at synapses

Any fully-considered collection of considerations yields only 1 all-encompassing True. Long-term memory is manifest by the contextual relations of all a person's considerations: One life experience (which includes the person's Will in all their considerations) will yield only one resulting contextual consideration environment - and if their context receives change, the memory they hold will reflect it. As said here (or here), when the placement of considerations change, the previous reality becomes no longer and a new one has taken its place.

As said, everything is known, everything bears the will by which it was made, and everything can be reasoned to completion from any of the very least of its considerations.

Long-term memory is known by the relation of all considerations in a person, and they can all be reasoned back into full being from any of their considerations, because of Reason's principle. This means that all a person's memory could be reasoned back from even just a single of their cells (or even another's memory of them).

Anything that takes memory away does so because it, and all the included context of its communication, held a consideration-value that imparted an influence relative to the considerations that received it.

Working memory / memory retention is an import of select considerations that are retained in suspension using a person's dopamine-availability.


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