Thursday 9 April 2015

A Person is Rightful to Address Their Own Brain In Accordance With Their Own Judgement

That dopamine is already inside a person, and it is their personal property, their potential, a gift from God, and theirs to make use of however they see fit.

The distribution of authority between a brain and a person doesn’t go anywhere before being granted back to the person, because they are one body, and the authority is that of the one person.

Someone who perceives that authority to go from their brain, to a government, through institutions, and then back to the person has submitted themselves into slavery, and is not a real person, because a person is the whole body - not parts of it compartmentalized and acknowledged with conditions.

A person’s body is their natural right, and anyone deigning to over-rule another person’s natural right of existence in any way is a rapist in the full sense of the word, because rape is not a particular action, but is the harmful mechanism that makes particular actions get labelled as rape. That mechanism is to over-power, by force of one’s will, the will of another over their own personal being. That mechanism is rape, and bears the same experience of rape however it is exacted – whether sexually, or mentally - it is all considerations of a person being abused and violated. A person's body is their choice.

The right to engage one’s mind is the first right every human being receives upon birth, and is the most important right. As a person is with their body together as one, and just as a person cannot move their limbs without engaging the muscles and blood and brain to do so, they likewise cannot engage their mind without there being the necessary dopamine to do so - and they also cannot make use of their  other facilities without dopamine. Dopamine is an inescapable condition that is a part of every single human being born and made of flesh.

To discriminate against people because of their own physiological need is well beyond the offence of discriminating based on skin, nationality, gender, or association - because every person is subject to their brain's dopamine to be able to function, succeed, and to be well. Discrimination that is based on a person's vital needs is the greatest of all hypocrisies.

The only person who is capable of judging whether they require additional dopamine to be right in their well-being, or to accomplish what they need to, is each person, for themselves.

It is remarkable that a generation which perceives the value of a person making their own call regarding sexual orientation hasn't already come to the full realization that the fundamental operation of a person's own brain is much more sacred and valuable right than the engagement that involves the exterior of a person.

Know and remember that a criminal is not a person who contravenes a law, but is someone who offends the moral senses. It will never be a crime for a person to take charge of their own body, and a person will never be wrong for it. Those who interrupt a person’s capability to control their own well-being are criminal, and when an organization acts as a whole in a concerted effort to prevent people from doing so, and to persecute people for doing so, they exemplify the full meaning of organized crime.


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