Sunday 5 April 2015

Dopamine is a Nutrient and Resource of Greatest Value

Information passes across neural synapses on the principle of transistors in two ways: By the value of Yes / No between its considerations based on how a person has considered themselves, and by the value of True / False depending on whether there is sufficient available dopamine to accomplish the transiting of information across a synapse. Dopamine is the power of True to human thought-capability and human development.

If there is not sufficient dopamine to transit information, that information will not pass. It will also not dissipate - it will linger and clog up neural pipelines until it is cleared by considering through neural pathways, or by a determination that declares its premise resolved. It typically takes a much larger amount of dopamine to force a determination than it does to consider, as the information in a determination that overrules a considering is greater in volume than all the handled-in-piecemeal details of that information's considering.

Solidity and clarity of thought, and grasp over it, is increased by increasing dopamine, and becomes increasingly tenuous as dopamine is reduced.

A person's potential is dependent upon two factors: Their willingness to consider, and their dopamine availability. A person can have the consideration structure and information storage within themselves that knows everything there is to know, and they can have within themselves the fullness of every talent and skill that ever was and will be - but if they have a lack of dopamine, their mind has no means to do anything with it, and their sight of mind will be reduced, with no restriction towards the measure by which it's reduced. The functioning of a person's own senses will also reduce along with dopamine reduction, right down to the negation of their capabilities - if there isn't dopamine to transit information across a synapse, it just won't transit, and will instead be counted in strains and sufferings within the person.

When a signal has no means to process in the brain, yet is imposed with such force that it cannot be restrained in the brain, it can offload to other parts of the body, such as fascia, or muscles, and cause them to bind. That binding is also a memory of the meaning and value of what caused its binding - it is a signal locked into physicality, a transference of energy. These states can also be resolved by increasing dopamine - when their correlating source-pathways are resolved (based in both consideration and dopamine), the defined energy that is the binding in the person can be backtracked through a person exactly as they arrived, and be progressively processed. There is no type of energy that cannot by processed by considering, if it is delivered in a manner that is not overpowering a person's consideration capability. Considering is the processing and reshaping of energy, and every state can be changed into every other state.

Pain in a person greatly reduces their overall mental bandwidth, as pain does not process to resolution, but continually produces in lingering fashion for as long as the source of pain is unresolved - and so it just sits taking up space in the neural pipelines, and the amount which those pipelines are filled with pain is the amount by which that person's mind is reduced in its capability to address its state. Whole portions of perceptive capabilities can be not at a person's disposal in states of pain. Increasing a person's dopamine in such a state is literally opening the valves of their neural pipelines (each synapse being a valve), relieving strain and producing greater management of the pain (reducing the pain significantly), and restoring much access to controlled and aware cognitive functioning in the person.

If the source of a pain is mind-based, then capability to resolve it is dependent upon there being dopamine for the person to engage and work through their mind. Many non-mental pains will be handled by the body better with a doapmine increase that does not also influence other things, like adrenaline. Recovery from surgery, for example - increasing the brain's capability to function, free of stresses, is increasing its proficiency of positive performance in healing.

Dopamine is as vital to human physiology as are oxygen and water, and is significantly more vital than food: A person will live longer without any food than they will without any dopamine; a person will have greater cognitive function with minimal food than they will with minimum dopamine; a person will be physiologically healthier with minimal food than they will be with minimal dopamine; a person will experience less inner suffering due to minimal food than they will due to minimal dopamine; a person will be less well in all ways from minimal food, compared to if they are with minimal dopamine. Dopamine is the foundation and cornerstone on the physical side of human physiological operation.

And as the human brain runs on dopamine, so too does all human society and civilization. As dopamine is the power of True to human potential and capability, for human civilization and individual well-being, dopamine is the God-molecule.


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