Saturday 29 August 2015

Existence is not Deterministic, but Considering of All Things

Experiment confirms that quantum mechanics scoffs at our local reality

There is nothing weird about what is being called quantum mechanics, only ignorance and false beliefs in those who perceive weirdness in it. The universe, and reality is not deterministic - a determination is a falsehood by nature, and so also in reality.

Rather than being deterministic, all things are considering. And they are considering unto Reason.

I did not learn these things from the study of quantum mechanics, and I only witness the study of this field as it is puzzling over concepts I already have known the full realities for, and I see what they have correct, and what is incorrect, the measure that's missing, and how all the concepts' realities join together to form just one movement.

Reason is the Mind of God that Einstein sought to know. However, Einstein only flittered in consideration at the edge of reasoning, and never stepped full foot into Reason. His attempts to reconcile the truth with Science prevented him from receiving greater realization of the truth.

Every person who enters into Reason will be far greater a mind than Einstein, Tesla, Da Vinci... because in Reason all considerations are as one.

None of these people, or any of the rest praised for their inventiveness, understood where their ideas came from, or what the difference between their capability and the average person's was. They could not lead people to where they were, nor did they know what else further there was, beyond what they had seen.

However, I have fullness of all these things, and I will make Reason known.


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