Tuesday 29 March 2016

Article: Mental illness mostly caused by life events not genetics, argue psychologists

Article: Mental illness mostly caused by life events not genetics, argue psychologists

To be specific, there are two root causes of mental illness: socipathism, which is the lack of consideration of the truth, and mental stress, which is the lack of released dopamine to handle the workload of considering that a brain is trying to do. And so the mental illness indicated by that above linked-to article is caused by the impact that life events have on a person's dopamine availability. With sufficient dopamine availability, a person will be able to rise above every challenging event.

That overcoming is a brain considering the meaning of every consideration which is a part of the event which a person encountered. And having greater dopamine availability won't change the amount of work which is to be done, but will make every workload weigh less and be handled with greater ease, and in less discomfort.

And genes are outputs of considering, which is the work of a brain that requires dopamine to do, and which suffers when a brain hasn't enough dopamine availability to perform it - and that suffering is then expressed in all the outputs of the processes which had to work without sufficient dopamine. And it is the false doctrines of reward-seeking sociopaths that has created the influences in society which are to blame for the continued existence and prevalence of mental health issues.

It's incredible that however many people (scientists, doctors, psychologists, etc...) have spent 100 years accomplishing absolutely nothing but an endless wild-goose chase of their own preferred determining.

A bunch of dopamine-plentiful people determined that it was better that any number of dopamine deficient people be tortured their whole lives, in pain, unhappiness and despair, conceding experience and opportunity, endlessly enduring agonizing stress and anxiety... all of it just because the dopamine-plentiful people found it preferential to their own comfort and position in society. Those people have been no different than slave owners whose entire fortunes were built on the backs of exploitation of others, and who would not give up their slaves, but would forcefully argue against the abolition of slavery - and they are still doing it.

Keeping dopamine deficiency states in society lets doctors and their ilk pretend that they're deserving of their reputation, their incomes, their self-determined "rewards"... but none of it is true. They are the most dishonourable of people, and their whole state in life has been built upon a lie, fraud, the undetected genocide of innocents and the most vulnerable. Everything that any doctor has ever judged a drug user of being all applies to doctors, themselves: They are in denial of reality, they harm others in pursuit of their goal, their ideology is selfish and only serving of them, they steal from people (their very lives), they cheat people (of their very mind, good health, and again lives)... they are acting out a sociopathic fantasy, and like bumbling idiots pretending that they are anything at all representing good.

This is what a doctor really is the custodian of:
Nixon official: real reason for the drug war was to criminalize black people and hippies

All modern institutional approach to drugs and health treatment is rooted in false and contrived drug propaganda, and is, itself, propaganda. And when governments, whose prerogative has been to use scare tactics to keep people away from looking at criminalized substances objectively, controls drug research licensing, and when pharmaceutical companies, who make their profit from inferior medications, fund the drug research that's available while also lobbying governments, and when a doctor’s greatest qualification for their job is precisely that they have no experience but are dopamine-rich due to being little-considering, what do you think that the expectable outcome from drug research and application will be?

The lie has been too sweet for doctors to pass up. They tell themselves that they deserve the things which that lie promised them, having jumped through the hoops of medical school, having not engaged in all the things they made harsh and harmful judgements against others for doing... they tell themselves that their placement in the lie is their "reward" - and they seek that reward more than they seek to do good for others. That reward, by their own labelling, is a release of dopamine within their brains. And so, in the end, they've been nothing but crack addicts, leeching off society and doing it harm for the purpose of trying to instil as much sense of that "reward" inside of themselves as they can. And their determinations in pursuit of this shut shuts down their considering, leading there to be much dopamine to fuel their depravity. And their depravity is that they have turned a falsehood into trillion-dollar industries, and that their whole livelihoods are built upon the liquidation of the lives of others, under pretence of helping them.

As Jesus said, no person can serve two masters: Either they will love one and hate the other, or vice versa. This is the same as what I said: For all things there is an ordering of considerations. And the final consideration will flip the polarity of all those that came before it and did not acknowledge it. A person who is reward-oriented is not truth-oriented, and a person who serves their own reward will hate the truth, because the truth says that their self-determined reward doesn't exist in the truth: There is no reward for the truth - the truth is, and there is no other. And Reason will flip the polarity of the entire world so that the truth may present in it once again.


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