Wednesday 7 October 2015

Dopamine's Role in Energy and Information-Connectivity - Bringing the Power of Yes

Just as the term Physio-Fuel suggests (and as denoted in the article Dopamine impacts your willingness to work - which I addressed in this post), Dopamine is a person’s energy. If a person has an idea, yet is not moving towards it for any reason they can put their finger on, it’s because they haven't enough Dopamine released in their brain to initiate and carry out its actualization. If enough Dopamine is released in a brain to actualize an idea, the person will move to carry out its actualization naturally. The knowing of its actualization will be the person’s experience, and it will be their natural movement. As I previously said, thoughts are the fragments of Will.

The ideas in a person’s brain are the things their mind is reaching towards, and as I've said, a mind is always considering towards its greatest belief. Belief is a ‘This Is’ declaration, and considerations, even those beyond the signals in a person’s brain, are polar and move with magnetic force. And as I said, a person can only go where their consideration gives them pathway to go.

When a person has physiological energy for it, they will actualize their ideas, just like a train that is being powered will head wherever the tracks before it are laid out to go. In fact, a person with enough Dopamine needs to be active. All that energy Dopamine gives has to go somewhere, and if a person doesn’t direct it, it will naturally distribute through the path of least resistance in a person's considerations – and this is a third factor of the impulsiveness that is associated with Sociopathism (low consideration met with higher dopamine being the recipe for a sociopath).

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Physical productivity is an expression of having released Dopamine enough that extends beyond the requirements of a person’s ongoing considering. Without enough released Dopamine, a person will not be active, even if they strongly desire to be. Without Dopamine to deliver the signals in a person’s brain to actualize physical expression, a person can’t move their limbs, or own thoughts, for that matter, and it will be to a person as if there are weights weighing down their every movement, and every action takes far more effort for a person in such a Dopamine-starved state.

There is a point of buoyancy in a person’s mind that is achieved through released Dopamine. As Dopamine increases above that line, the mind, and its considerations will be increasingly lifting upwards all on their own, independent of the human's personal effort. Whereas as Dopamine decreases below that line, a person's cognisance will stagnate – and if considering breaks in a person’s mind (which happens due to very low Dopamine for signal pathing that is routing with magnetic force), any break introduces a point of failure that acts as a False evaluation in what was previously and rightfully a True evaluation for information to pass through, and whatever information falls through that artificial False evaluation as the brain considers will pull that line of thought, and the whole person’s mind and energy downwards, independent of their effort, and against their efforts otherwise.

Considering is a streaming of information, where each next consideration that is being considered is supported upon the consideration that came before. And the consideration that came before is part of the identity of the consideration that comes next, with the end of one being the beginning of the next. And as a signal moves along a pathway, it gains the quality of each consideration it passes through.

Dopamine too acts as a consideration in the pathway that processes a person’s thoughts and mind, and is the power of Yes to each next positive consideration in a series. When there is insufficient Dopamine to pass a signal, and in the right timing, then that signal artificially picks up a No message and influence, which it carries on along through everywhere that it passes, which also changes where that signal is going to go, what new considerations will be born in response to it, and will create many new processes that try to clean up all the No messages being distributed through a brain, which are problematic to the whole brain’s messaging system. All that new work itself requires Dopamine, especially for all efforts of choice and will that a person must give in resistance of No messages coming from their brain.

So, the less Dopamine a person has, the less they are able to handle the situations brought about by their low Dopamine state and pick themselves up again. The more Dopamine a person has released, the more a person is guarded against low energy, stress-bringing states. Stress only finds its way in when there wasn’t enough Dopamine to response to signal routing that emerged in a person’s brain, and insufficient Dopamine relative to work a brain is trying to do is stress’ precise identity.

Dopamine is the power of Yes between considerations, and is a person’s work-potential. And by looking at PET scans, it can be seen all the things that a brain is saying Yes to. But information that is already fully reasoned into a being as a concept doesn’t require further Yes work between its considerations, and recollecting the one concept will mean all its considerations, however numerous they are, being brought forth using the quantum of Dopamine that any single issuance to form connection between two considerations requires.

As a person’s Dopamine level falls, so does the person’s control over their own brain And as Dopamine is lost, so also is a person’s power of choice, and their awareness that comes from recognizing the presence of information they know and hold in consideration.

Whether or not a medical practitioner likes to face the reality, when access to Dopamine is restricted, human life, potential, success, happiness, comfort, health and well-being are all being regulated. And as I said, society has been gamed to easily distribute successes to less considering people, while turning whole other demographics into lucrative livestock stifled into a state of forced submissive dependence, without their acknowledgement or choice.


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