Friday 8 August 2014

Thoughts are the Fragments of Will

Thought is subjective and therefore a Sociopathism - but it can take thought, including extensive thought, for someone to spark the gears of automatic-considering into rolling, and cycling. Conversely, where automatic-considering is already ongoing but hijacked by negative or progression-negating sentiments, it can take willed-cessation of all thoughts to pull-taut the mind back into full control again.

Once things are rolling positively, there needs to be full support of Will put behind that considering, to push it in an upwards direction and keep growing it. As considerations sync (What I've called Consideration-Groups) they will add to each other's strength - whether positive or negative.

Ultimately, there is no thought in Reasoning, as there is no travel-time or differentiation between considerations that are reasoned together - they are synced, functioning as their own singularity. And the value of work produced for everything that is perfectly reasoned is always just 1, and that reasoning is True.

Thought is merely Will, fragmented. Reasoning produces experience, and knowing - not thought.

Thought's resolution produces Will, and thought requires dopamine-availability to occur, control, and produce considering that leads to resolving thought, by reasoning itself into Will. Therefore, Will's recipe is:

- 1-part Prefrontal Cortex dopamine-availability
- 1-part considering until experienced-reason

Mix until evenly leavened. Then let the fucker rise - consciousness layers.

Thought ->- Considering-->--Reason-->--Will-->--Considering-->--Reason-->--Will-->--Considering... cycling.

And crescendoing unto eventual Reasoning.

And Reasoning, which has Will within it, directing its objectives, can still exert Will while continuously Reasoning. And Reasoning draws all considerations into itself.


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