Tuesday 23 February 2016

Just a Tip (Regarding news of genetic mutations being responsible for such or such a condition)

You can view this type of news all over the place, and regarding a host of different ailments and conditions:

Genetic mutation 'is responsible for BOTH migraines and IBS'

Genes are an output of considering, and the work that is considering requires dopamine. If something is going wrong in the development and maintenance of a gene, then there was likely an insufficient availability of dopamine to provide the pathways that were relevant to that gene's creation with enough dopamine.

Further, conditions such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, etc, in all their details, are ultimately merely symptoms and expressions of dopamine deficiency.

Modern medicine has taken a falsehood regarding dopamine, that of it being "reward", rather than physio-fuel, and turned it into trillion-dollar industries, as well as a container for their prejudice. Those complicit in this are mass murderers, and those administering this charade and farce, such as doctors, who uphold the forced obsolescence of people, are no different than nazi guards who held posts at death camps during WW2, who, too, believed they were enforcing a righteous paradigm, and were just doing their job and what they were trained for.

When looking at events in history like the Crusades, people often use that as a notation of how many religion has killed. Well, by the same measure, looking at those who have been killed by decades upon decades of corroborated institutional medical science, through defamation of dopamine, it is true to say that those killed by their science in the previous century number in the hundreds of millions, and those victimized by science number in the billions - and therefore more people have been killed in the name of science than in that of any other dogma.

Humans have not yet achieved a more efficient tool of death, suffering, and inequality than the mischaracterizing of dopamine and dopaminergics. And those delivering these false representations are the most proficient of mass murderers in history.

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