Thursday 25 February 2016

Regarding Cocaine's Applicability for Treating Migraines (2nd Addendum)

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Self-Medication of Migraine Headaches with Freebase Cocaine


He first tried smoking freebase cocaine at age 27 at
the urging of a friend who suggested that it might
help a headache he had at the time. Indeed, he
noticed immediate and complete relief lasting between
five and fifteen minutes, after which the euphoric
peak subsided and his headache returned. He found
that he could sustain relief with each additional “hit
off the pipe” for another five to fifteen minutes, after
which the headache returned again. Eventually, he
depleted the supply of cocaine, “crashed,” and fell
asleep. When he awoke, the headache was gone. He
repeated this pattern for the next three headaches he
had. After his fourth episode of smoking cocaine, he
began to use cocaine even when he did not have a
headache. The cocaine never brought on a migraine
headache if he did not already have one at the beginning
of use.

Now, the part of most value from the above quotation is " Indeed, he noticed immediate and complete relief". This is because migraines are an expression of dopamine deficiency, and their perfect solution is increasing dopamine availability, while restraining adrenaline - which is the effect of cocaine. So, like I said elsewhere, there is no room for a greater perfection in cure than the state of +1 being applied to a state of -1, to address and treat the ailing state of -1.

The effect of cocaine is the 1:1 solution to all dopamine deficiency ailment. There is no more accurate solution, and none which addresses the root cause of dopamine deficiency, as cocaine does. Anything less than this is not addressing the root of the problem, and is avoiding the real issue.

This awareness of the real cure for people's ailments is the place to start when trying to treat them. And people cannot be properly treated so long as their one and only cure is avoided, as though it is a negative thing. And if a person's curing is a negative thing, why are people seeking treatments at all? If they don't want to be cured, well, that's already the situation - then their desire is fulfilled. If they do want to be cured, then they're going to have to accept the cure.

A secondary, but notable consideration from the above quotation include the duration of relief, which is mentioned as being 5 - 15 minutes. That is also the specific duration of crack cocaine's effect, depending on how much is smoked. Insufflated, or cocaine that is inhaled through the nose, lasts 40 - 50 minutes, and cocaine that is swallowed (such as in a capsule) lasts 50 - 60 minutes. Though oral cocaine can take up to an hour to kick in, and so isn't ideal for immediate relief. An exception is if cocaine is dissolved in liquid, and drunken - then it can take effect almost immediately.

Smoking crack every 5 - 15 minutes is a lot of upkeep, but inhaling a line of cocaine every 50 minutes or so, or talking a gulp of water every hour, is not significant upkeep, and is a miracle to resolve what has no other genuine cure.

There are things to be done with this knowledge to resolve the returning of migraines for good - and they also involve starting with the truth, which is the information that I've now provided above. The root cause of migraines, and their cure, is now openly known.


Also of significance in the above except is that there are non-substantiated and purpose-undefined ad hominem used to describe the anecdote. And that is a common liberty taken, and abused by doctors when engaging in subjects for which they hold trained prejudices. Examples include:

- "after which the euphoric peak subsided". What did euphoria have to do with the person's motivation for smoking the crack, or the measurement of its effective timeline? And did the person use the word euphoria to describe their alleviation from migraines? If having the availability of dopamine which a brain naturally requires simply to accomplish its work and not be suffering in terrible agony is considered to be the state of euphoria, when concerning mental stress sufferers, then every mental stress sufferer deserves euphoria, as a fundamental right. Was the doctor who wrote the above quote themselves in a state of euphoria, not suffering migraines, themselves?

The word's use appears to be arbitrary and without merit, connecting to no other provided consideration, and so giving no possible positive contribution to the description, though offering potential negative interpretation by feeding pre-existing prejudice in readers. The word's use is therefore not an objective use, but a biased and slanted expression, denoting that the writer is expressing themselves through socipathic brain-wiring.

- and also "Eventually, he depleted the supply of cocaine, “crashed,” and fell asleep". How was crashing measured, and how is it defined here beyond patronizing quotation marks which evoke sentiment, rather than consideration? How does crashing differ from sleeping? This addition appears to be sentiment in lieu of consideration, which is a sociopathic conduct.

There is no objectivity apart from having consideration to illuminate the truth of a matter. But because of their egregious lack of consideration, doctors typically do not have an understanding of what objectivity is to be capable of being it. And to the typical doctor, objectivity is but a peer-approved mode of behaviour towards a particular thing - Objectivity™. And they can be predisposed to forming their arbitrary concept of what objectivity is, when it comes to discussing the matter of drugs which they did not prescribe themselves, out of a monkey see monkey do, or, sociopath see, sociopath do, type of mentality. Basically, they often just parrot each others' abject stupidity, and invest their sentiments into the determinations they pick up from one another.

Because they lack a substantiation of truth within their brain's consideration structure, the layering of identical agreeing voices upon one another to give a +1 to a shared determination, such as peer approval or a peer review, is like crack to a sociopath, because there is little else to offer validation to the sociopath's sense of worth.

The expressions that I've noted above matter, as they spread consideration among readers, and all consideration is contributing towards a movement. Mental stress ailment persists in society because of seemingly innocuous callousness. As I said before, "Essentially, a person who believes in dopamine as reward thinks that deactivating their brain after doing nothing truthful is a state of reward, while not understanding that all they actually accomplished is the bringing of some negative consideration-value into the world, which will exist as an offence to the truth until somebody else does the work to righten the perceptions which were influenced by it."


Now, elsewhere, you can read it said that migraines might be, or are caused by a hyper-sensitivity to dopamine. A sociopath lack connectivity between considerations, and this is what's behind scientists and doctors commonly using words without there being any connectivity between the considerations of the subjects involved - which is the definition of mindless.

A sensitivity to dopamine would imply that dopamine's effect is experienced more strongly. But none of the descriptions of a purported 'sensitivity to dopamine' reflect any of dopamine's effect or experience.

The effects of a migraine cannot be caused by sensitivity to dopamine, because dopamine's effect, when increased and amplified, is not any of the elements of migraines - and therefore the experiences of a migraine do not befit a description of sensitivity to dopamine. A sensitivity to dopamine would be like getting a cocaine high, or a stronger cocaine high - which a brain handles to a very, very large capacity, and which is a positive experience, and which actually alleviates all the things which are described in migraines. So whatever the reasoning behind such a misnomer, it's incorrect. And that fuck-up is typical when a scientist or doctor makes determinations based off of their blind and prejudice observation.

The antagonizations described actually correlate very accurately to how increasing adrenaline in an already-stressed brain experiences. And as I said in the previous post, "sufficiently increasing dopamine availability relative to other things will alleviate a migraine - but try to not also increase adrenaline and noradrenaline at the same time, because that would be counter-productive, and could exacerbate part of the migraine". Also, increasing dopamine via common prescription drugs incurs a significant increase in adrenaline / noradrenaline, and even cocaine can cause an increase in adrenaline / noradreanline. So, the connectivity between the considerations of the subject appears to lead to a well-reasoned conclusion, which is converse in very primary ways to a suggestion that migraines could be result of a sensitivity to dopamine. It gives account for many more considerations that the alternate, and as a consideration is a quantum of truth, it is the greater truth by default.

With scientists and doctors, just as with government, when a surface picture enables for a framing that caters to held prejudices, then all standard qualifications for assessing the truth of a matter are thrown out the window. And there are many more problems with the 'migraines / dopamine sensitivity' convention than what I've mentioned here, but responding to all parts of what is succinctly a pile of garbage is not my main mission, but rather to address the root cure for mental stress ailment.

Even when doctors use terms like "root cause", they don't mean it literally, but mean it only as a buzz-word, like Root Cause™. And they use this term as a buzz-word, despite them not having any experience or knowledge that would grant them any tangible understanding concerning actual root causes of the things they apply the term to.

What I mention in this blog discusses the actual, genuine root cause of ailments such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia, PTSD, alzheimer's, parkinson's, bi-polar, and more.

Btw, you'll notice that the allotment of exacerbation of migraine symptoms due to dopamine, rather than adrenaline / noradrenaline increases (which commonly releases in response to dopamine) represents a perfect inaccuracy, much like the labelling of dopamine as reward rather than as physio-fuel. As I said, making determinations aligns a person's considerations against the truth. As I've long said, all conventional medicine is tailored to the perceptions of sociopaths.


Having identified the perfect cure for migraines is great, and let's a person know where to begin when addressing their own migraine, and it enables people who actually intend to cure migraines to start behaving positively towards that end. The place to start is with the knowledge of the cure. There is just one perfect cure, which is whatever delivers the perfect counterpart to what's causing the issue, and this is it.

If every component of a resolution of migraines in society forms a concept, which is an ordering of considerations that resolves into a ring of truth, and the greater concept of resolving migraines in society is comprised of these rings, which are each a concept yet also each an individual consideration within a greater concept, then a migraine's cure as being precisely dopamine presents the primary consideration, which all other secondary considerations will conform to, and are to serve. And with a migraine's cure now being resolved, then secondary considerations can begin to be worked to resolution. Each successive consideration in the greater subject of resolving migraines in society will be easier to resolve once the primary consideration is established.

However, sociopaths tend to obstruct primary considerations, using secondary and lesser considerations as excuses for why primary considerations cannot be allowed to be considered by those who they are to serve. This is the only reason why mental stress ailment persists within society.

Now that I have made clear that increasing dopamine availability is the cure, as in the actual and exact cure, for mental stress ailments, surely those who present themselves as those who treat people's afflictions will be eager to deliver and make it accessible to those suffering ailments caused by its lack. Surely, their primary consideration in treating people is the genuine curing of them, and not something else - like ideology, reputation, profit, sentiment, control, ego, etc.

As I said in a previous post, by having the knowledge of dopamine, mental stress ailments become choices - both for the individual, and for society.


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