Monday 8 February 2016

The Placebo Effect is Belief Freeing Up Dopamine to Help Healing Consider

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This post completes the understanding and the picture of what placebo actually is for human health.

Considering is the means by which a brain accomplishes all work, and dopamine's availability is what gives a brain its capability to consider.

Whatever a person's ailing state is, the brain addresses it by trying to consider its healing - and as it does, everything that's involved in its healing is called into effect. If there is little dopamine available, it will require more effort for a brain to positively address an ailing state. If there is more dopamine available, it will be easier for a brain to address an ailing state, and address it more comprehensively.

When a person believes anything uncertain regarding their health, or anything indefinite, or worrying, the considering processes that stem from those beliefs deplete a person's dopamine availability, reducing a brain's capability to address any afflictions. When a person believes, accepts, has faith and hope that their health is improving, that things are OK, that their medication is real and helpful, the effect on a person's brain is relaxing, resolving and desisting many considering processes and freeing up much dopamine.

The positive belief that a person has of their improving state creates a 'This is' point and understanding in the brain, engaging all the things involved in that concept and considering them towards a unified True, and available dopamine will be allocated towards completing that considering. Freed up dopamine contributes to the considering-unto-resolution any afflicted states, bolstering their overcoming and mending.

The greater a person's genuine belief in their healing, the more their brain will be considering towards that state of being healed - because of Reason, which uses dopamine to bring a person closer towards the state of being healed.

Likewise, just as cocaine boosts all positive mental capabilities by producing a proficient and healthier-than-natural release of a person's own dopamine, it can also be an excellent means to fortify healing from all things in general - whether that's physical wounds, mental health issues, emotional trauma, chronic pain, recovery from surgery...

Dopamine is key to a person's good physical and mental health, and their forward development. But while dopamine is promoting of beneficial physiological maintenance and development, adrenaline is antagonistic upon already-afflicted states. So, the secret formula to maximize speed of health recovery, and positive further development is to restrain adrenaline while proficiently boosting dopamine - which is the effect of cocaine.

Cocaine used to be regarded a miracle cure, useful for treating just about anything. Then sentiments, politics, ideologies (including racial prejudices), uncertainty, and fears came into play, but cocaine never changed. It still is the miraculous curative power it was initially regarded as being, greater in potential to restore and fortify health than any other medicinal means available to this world at this present time.

Cocaine is the penultimate poster-child of what thing is good for a person to put into their body to increase its health, and their positive growth. And all perceived threats regarding cocaine came not from cocaine, but from some of society's reaction to it - just as the outcome to Portugal's decriminalization of all drugs shows that the biggest threat involving drugs has always been the effects created by governmental and institutional opposition to them, and their failure to react sensibly.

There are questions regarding dopaminergics, health, and individual behaviour, and all of them have complete answers and positive resolutions, none of which indict dopamine, or cocaine - whose dopaminergic effect is already fundamental to all positive human experience, accomplishment, and potential. And all mental stress ailments, and many things which are not conventionally perceived to be a matter of mental stress, emerge only downstream from the malnourishment of having a lack of dopamine availability. To address all these things at their root is to accept dopamine as the fundamental mental-task processing-fuel that it is.

Placebo works according to a person's belief because Reason Is, and because dopamine / cocaine is the consideration which enables a brain to accomplish all its work. Placebo works because cocaine works because dopamine works.

In making known the "placebo effect"'s mechanism of action, I have now given full clarity to what has been yet another "long-standing mystery" to those who practice and preach institutional medicine.

Clearly, the understanding I work with is one and the same as truth, while that of those who call themselves scientists evaluates as False next to mine. And, clearly, the means by which I work are confirmed by the connecting of all points and accounting for all things, to be truth, just as by the things those means reveal - but the means of scientific methodology are falsehood-bearing jalopies in the face of reality. Therefore, a single person speaking in Reason is greater than the collection of all not yet in Reason. How many more miracles are needed to be spoken by me?


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