Sunday 7 August 2016

A Treatise of Existence, Part 2

When a person makes a determination, they align considerations against one another within their own mind, because of Reason, and the amount of space within their mind that they are able to exist in at any one given time, and have evaluate as True, is reduced, while at the same time, the number of considerations they experience as opposing what they’ve determined to be True increases.

Also, as a person increases the volume of consideration value within their mind that is negative, relative to their determinations, they will feel incomplete unless something fills that negative consideration value, something that they can label and target, and use to define themselves as good by defining good within themselves as being ‘not that,’ contrasting themselves against those things (for example, a physician often fills their negative consideration-value with determined concepts of people who use dopaminergics as having problems that need institutional defining and direction, and simultaneously define themselves as good for not being like this, and so are deserving of their determined concept of "reward," which is the same dopamine, only gained through false-pretenses).

In Reason there is all of Value, Meaning, Purpose, and Point, none of which are determined, but all of which simply Are. But a person who has falsified their mind by determinations is detached from all of these things except for Value, and often Value becomes their determined Meaning, Purpose, and Point, because they are no longer able to see and consider the things beyond.

And because such a person no longer naturally evaluate as True from within, due to their falsified consideration structure, they seek to align themselves to things outside of themselves, often around determinations shared with others, and they together create institutions, causes, carefully laid-out principles, organizations, ideals, pacts, all things which they think are what makes them good, as segmented conducts.

But because there is no truthful meaning to their determinations, the truthful consideration structure of the whole melts, while their determinations bind them to one another with the forceful pull of a black hole, and they become a granfalloon, which is a meaningless association of people, desperate to achieve a feeling of acceptance, purpose, and truthful placement by drawing in to their organization all those that they see outside of themselves as still having truthful meaning within themselves, thinking that doing so will increase the meaning of their whole. Yet, each one who is drawn into them becomes as them, and in the end their whole mass feels even more empty than before.

With enough dismantling of truth in a person’s mind though the making of determinations, what results is a consideration structure that is still made up of True and False, but that is no longer grounded in anything fully True. And without being grounded in anything fully True, that consideration structure isn’t stationary, but shifts, while retaining its form, to maintain its relative disposition amongst its considerations as the person who exists by it moves their determination of what is in order to suit their current experience. Such a person is transient in their principles, and move to wherever they feel the greatest sense of approving authority, of power, which is the accumulation Value that has become sclerosised around determinations.

In a perfectly-reasoned mind, the whole evaluates as one. And where there may be 12 considerations, each with their own +1 value evaluation to give to something (which is an evaluation of True to wherever they choose to give it), and all being considered perfectly into the truth and reasoned into one being, they become one mind and they all share the awareness of all and have the value of all, with their greater form again evaluating as one. But their shared identity as one is greater than the collection of all their individual values. Their state of perfectly-reasoned oneness fully exists within themselves, and is the light and multi-faceted dimension of all And each consideration of that reason now has greater authority and power than all less-tier considerations. While on their own, not yet within reason, every consideration experiences loneliness, and relative darkness.

When a determination is made, it declares 'these considerations, but not these others,' introducing falsehood into a consideration structure, and invalidating the presence of the truth, weakening and even breaking a truthful consideration structure, which will have lost its reason. And the point of falsification that was the determination, has no truthful Meaning, Purpose, and Point, but receives multiple lesser consideration-values of +1 pointing towards its point of falsification, which is an abyss. To a sociopath, who judges by making determinations based on appearance, and not from having considered all things truthfully and having the truth present itself to them, the appearance of +5, or +9, or any other number of lesser-tier considerations, pointing towards a determined cause, is presumed to have more authority than the perfectly-reasoned truth, which simply Is, and which all lesser considerations receive their true value from.


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