Monday 3 March 2014

Thought on Gov't Authorities and their Legitimacies

I've cropped the first paragraph below from an email meant for some gov't persons, where it probably won't get included.

Apart from already-having the knowledge and understanding from the outset of one's earthly-existence, nobody within government can work within their most proficient, valuable, and accomplishing range of capability prior to knowing the shock of understanding that all licensed, claimed and enforced judgment effectively consists of ignorable, unqualified, illegal, and infringing idiots (meant as casual endearment form of 'idiots', though a couple of days later that didn't seem likely to be a reader's first-inclination). Prior to this knowledge, efforts will only ever, at best, be shoddy and flawed - as reception of this knowledge is the inadvertent, un-manipulable, and non-willed by-product of seeing and understanding the very disconnects between legal mechanisms that make them invalid - by their own rules, and probably unbeknownst to most of those issuing them.

Each piece of democratic gov't can be publicly explained why it doesn't exists and cannot exert whatever it threatens to exert, and if it did it would be prosecutably illegal. Dictatorships have figured out how to side-step this issue, but otherwise, thus is the nature of pretend-authority between pretend-equals, even when it's done with goodwill, communal organization, and various supports. In the end, it's always only-ever created its own need for itself, and been furthered by those who come into it while just assuming that it's the natural way. Conditioning received from the pre-existence of these environs preempts persons from ever actually discovering natural sensibility.

When a person's will isn't to abuse something, then laws which aim to prevent it's possible abuse end up as abuses of that person and their will, and also as damaging losses to those who could've or would have received benefit from that person's ambition.

Also, when you take responsibility away from somebody... you take responsibility away from them. I suppose the downward-spiral-effect from progressive layers of legislation can be called Chasing the Dragon.

The good politicians are the ones slowly working towards winding the charade down and loosening grips. There are plenty of profiteers and Arrogant-Demon overlord-wanabees, though.

In closing, I think the notion 'Arrogant-Demon' is hilarious, and I hope there will be chance to use the term in the future. Fin.


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