Saturday 8 March 2014

Reward or God-molecule?: Dopamine's Role-Reversing Correction

P.* - Just so you know...
P.1 - Conclusive rationalization that the ball was never even first picked up so that I could now say it's been dropped
P.2 - Correcting a label that has been deceitful and lethally damaging
P.3 - Gratuitous testing
P.4 - Conclusion



This is an overview, and there's much supplementary consideration to follow - a person's hypothetical action based on just this information would be pretty gambling


In a case of Truth being in direct-contradiction of conventional assumption:

Rather than exhibiting as a process' tail-end Reward, dopamine is outset-required in order for thoughts to be produced, that they might be employable as actions -  those actions being necessary for there to potentially be experienced a consequential reward. Simultaneously, personal-efforts and works that go unappreciated or under-appreciated don't simply just fail to provide any reward, but that un-rewarded effort even deflates the person's inner-constitution, despite the fact that the tasks were completed all the same, even to quality-level. So where, then, is the reward for those things that were definitively-done, using genuine effort?

Regarding Affirmation: Emotions of shared-connection are not rewards, they're encouragements and excitements - both of those things being premier, while Reward is exclusively caboose. Affirmation is not, has never been, and will never be Reward. Affirmation is truthful recognition of what already is, not some dumb consumable.

Also, how is something that downgrades the pace/volume/breadth/quality/control of mental-processes when it's reduced possibly a reward for those things? If it doesn't react to the thought-environment, but rather, the thought-environment reacts to it, then it clearly the governing force that's master and in control, and not a gimmicky after-effect. Physics, anyone? This math looks very wrong to me: dope + thought = caboose¿

Still further, dopamine is required-for and influencing-of all mental processes, including cellular-instruction, which then means that dopamine isn't particular to a process-type, such as reward-capable thought-items. How, then, could dopamine's equal-opportunity presence for all process-development possibly be any less than completely-shunning of the Reward label? Its behaviour is all-process-targeting, and ignoring of hypothetical outcomes. It also isn't accomplishment-treat, it's capability-determining. If you want to accomplish something, you're going to have to have enough dopamine in the right places to do so - and that want, itself, is being created and produced courtesy of dopamine.


When something has been labeled after an incorrect placement in its process, affecting all research and understanding (in this case beyond imaginable, to the negative), any designation that moves closer to the reality is better. But in this case we'll skip a formal gradual-progression and just snap right to the correct placement.

In private works, I've often used a larger term, 'thought-processing-fuel', to characterize dopamine. But, as dopamine processes all things, not simply thought, this term is pretty inaccurate and could blind understanding and discovery, just as Reward comprehensive has.

Physio-fuel, physio-energy, are convenient-sized and proficient in meaning, though, to me, lack sense of process-development. Process(ing)-fuel? Eh, dopamine does quite a lot to be well-characterized in 2-syllables. Let's try 1-syllable: God-molecule. Works, makes sense: confidence, energy, drive, passion, honesty, integrity, choice, equality, justice, reason, conviction, morality, righteousness, indignation, peace, physical health... their physiological existence is dopamine enabled, developed, made-enactionable, and also bear measurement by various-region dopamine levels in a person. Consensus will lock-in on some term, but it has to change.


Testing: Dopamine as possibly Reward

- When prefrontal-etc dopamine reduces, mental-processes reduce in quantity, speed, detail, constitution, clarity, precision, control, presence. When dopamine is increased, the likewise of all those things follows.
- Whenever thought, just one type of mental-process, is very laboured, and painful mind-conditions emerge, dopamine does not reactively rise to accommodate the strained-environment.
- If dopamine is artificially supplemented in the presence of those same conditions, the laboured and painful conditions disappear, in response.

Therefore, thought perfectly follows dopamine, being complete slave to it: a pied-piper effect. However, dopamine does not follow thought. Therefore, Ergo, dopamine is not a consequence and privilege/gift/bonus... it is generating/compelling/instigatory and fully-essential.

Dopamine in-region availability is outset-necessary for that brain-region to be capable of doing any work, and its dopamine availability will straight-forwardly dictate how much and how well it does what it does.

Lifting use from the same demonstration of their relational physics, dopamine is brain-task producing-and-processing fuel. That causes a lot of conventional sentiments towards dopaminergics to experience a significant reduction in validity.


Thought is dopamine's Reward.

Better regulate that shit.

.      -   -      .
~~~ ~~~  /       \  ~~~ ~~~
;                  .      ..      .                  ;
;                                                                    ;
 .        .        .
.  .       .  .  .     .  .  .  .  .     .  .  .       .  .

.  .     .  .
.   .
.     . .              . .     .

..       .   .   .       ..

.. . ... . . .    .. . . ....  . . . . . . .   .... .. .... .. . . . ... .. . .. . . . . . ...

That thing is so fun.

Looks kind of like a mushroom, though, and not the genuine nuke that it is.
Still fun.


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