Wednesday 9 July 2014

Primary Principle of... Emotion-Based Reactions

That the emotional-depth-sense from Ant-Ins development is always in-effect once developed, and that Pref-Cort determination occurs precisely by omitting Ant-Ins' Understanding/Comprehension consequently presents the principle for emotion-based reactions.

However faintly-recognizable the touch is, a disparate Pref-Cort thought-branch starts with an arbitrary judgment and concludes with an evaluation of 'Self', all of which is contributes in making it emotion-based. I think that an initial arbitrary judgment always gets its impetus and finds its direction from personal emotional sentiment.

This is also the cause of Pref-Cort dopamine-surplus' being associated with impulsiveness.

I like Impulsivity more than Impulsiveness, but it spell-checks as wrong. I think it sounds more right, though. Maybe English is wrong.


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