Tuesday 8 July 2014

Cognition of Emotional Response and Emotional Vulnerability

This post considers the distinctions between Emotional Reaction, Emotional Depth, and Emotional Fragility.

Considering, Understanding, Comprehending all form scaffolding that prevents emotionally-impulsive reactions - and where emotion is responding, something of those other things is absent. However, in Reasoning, emotion and contemplation are both fully present, and normalized as one healthy form.

The development of all these things creates the backdrop of potential for deeper emotion, but they don't cause emotion to drive responses.

A lack of these things causes Prefrontal Cortex determinations to provoke responses based upon emotions, and every Prefrontal Cortex unilateral decision is one based upon personal emotion - whether the response is of positive feel or hurt feel or angry feel, all Prefrontal Cortex unilateral decision is emotion-based, and the Prefrontal Cortex is the nexus of emotional reaction.

However... Anterior Insula development provides the potential for deeper emotion as the availability of emotional-headroom grows alongside the development of Consideration, Understanding, Comprehension, Reasoning.

How this leads back to Ant-Ins development associating with emotional vulnerability is this:

Where there is higher Ant-Ins development, there is a need for greater Prefrontal Cortex dopamine to handle its output - and when there is a deficiency of Prefrontal Cortex dopamine, Ant-Ins' Comprehension-etc isn't able to supply the scaffolding for the same emotional-potential it created (the senses from which are always in-effect once developed), and so unstable Prefrontal Cortex determining is all that's left to react to a situation. That determination forms the basis for an emotion-based reaction, and is not the reaction, itself.

So the Anterior Insula development creates emotional depth, and also the potential for emotional reactions - and that potential becomes realized when the Prefrontal Cortex' regulated dopamine is insufficient to handle the Anterior Insula's output. But emotional reaction is purely a device of the Prefrontal Cortex, while a particular emotional vulnerability is strictly Prefrontal Cortex dopamine insufficiency.

Emotional reaction can occur with and without notable Ant-Ins development, and all Pref-Cort unilateral action is emotional - but higher Ant-Ins development met with Pref-Cort dopamine deficiency provokes emotion-based sensations in a person as that Pref-Cort dopamine deficiency disallows recipience of Understanding/Comprehension for whatever is invoking the reaction.

Any notion that Considering, Understanding, Comprehending and emotional vulnerability co-exist is wholly incompetent: They are antithetical.


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