Tuesday 8 July 2014

The Prefrontal Cortex is the Blank-Template Consideration of 'Self'

I've wondered if anyone would have noticed, but... the Prefrontal Cortex presents exactly an empty husk of a Consideration:

Everything the Prefrontal Cortex does is done on every single act of considering, and within everything that is built from considering - but, where done within Consideration, the action of deciding all the same parameters of the Prefrontal Cortex is handled internally in the Anterior Insula, and it receives direction based upon the value, meaning, purpose, and point of that consideration's context within its sympathetic/empathetic considerations.

The Prefrontal Cortex is power to encapsulate Considering, to produce new Considerations - and on its own lacks any value, meaning, purpose, and point.

This is why a Prefrontal Cortex's dopamine level that is less than its brain's Anterior Insula development requirement is definitively deficient in dopamine: Whatever Consideration-work leaves the Anterior Insula must be met with same-quantity Prefrontal Cortex dopamine, as it is a clone/import of that work, and then still a bit extra regulated-dopamine is needed for the Prefrontal Cortex to encapsulate all that work and produce a completely employable piece of Reasoning (or towards that end of the thought-value spectrum).

Any disparate consideration that stands alone and apart from a context with other considerations can only ever evaluate to 'Self'. The Prefrontal Cortex, on its own, is a context-less consideration that has no value, meaning, purpose, or point... and apart from the provocation of first receiving full substantiation from the Anterior Insula's value-based calculations, it will always only evaluate to 'Self' - and so the Prefrontal Cortex is the centre for all sociopathic mannerism.

Consider a branch from a tree: Thought crafted through the Prefrontal Cortex is like crafting a branch that doesn't connect to any tree, which would connect it to the ground, and to the world. It is imagined, whimsical, fanciful, and its determination is a certain-Falsehood. This is why Pref-Cort dopamine-surplus' are associated with impulsiveness: However faint the touch, the disparate Pref-Cort thought-branch starts with an arbitrary judgment and concludes with an evaluation of 'Self', all of which is contributes in making it emotion-based.

When the Anterior Insula first supplies need for the Prefrontal Cortex to encapsulate a group of calculated-considerations into a new, full concept, creating a new consideration, the encapsulation it receives from the Prefrontal Cortex establishes a hard value, meaning, purpose, and point - and that new consideration's definition is then observed in the Anterior Insula.


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