Monday 14 July 2014

Time is a Hard Bullshit, and a Sociopathism - a Consideration

Because everything is made of energy, which is produced through the transitioning of considerations, everything is cycling, inter-dependently.

The planets, stars, galaxies, and everything of matter and energy all run on cycles, and so does the human brain and body. All energy cycles, and all things made of energy adhere to energy’s precepts. Everything within this universe is subject to cycles.

Time compresses and expands based upon these cycles, and what is totally contained within a parent-cycle is not necessarily perceptive of anything beyond that cycle. This means that inner-time could remain consistent between a series of cycles, but it also means that the same inner-time could fluctuate between 2 years per cycle, or 2 billion years per cycle – and in both cases the same amount of work would be produced per cycle, and leave the same traces for later observation.

What this means for carbon-dating is that the figures assigned to dates are surely totally bogus. A perceived rate-of-decay for a 2 billion year span could have at one point taken 2 days, or 2 trillion years.

All that can be said by the measurement of activity-dating is what time could have added up to, if all previous cycles continued at the rate which has been observed in the last however many years – and the likeliness of that seems like a pretty small slim-chance of a long-shot, to put it subtly. Observation is no means to establish what is true, and all observation is wholly subjective. Observation is irrelevant to Truth, and Truth is irrelevant to Reason - as Reason produces, defines, and even re-defines Truth by re-ordering the universe's considerations.

Reasons can be fulfilled or failed, but not changed or erased. What is failed will still require fulfillment later on – though it will be dis-preferential to that which causes the failure. What fails is the encapsulation of those considerations which did not experience resolution, which then disperse - and that encapsulation’s identity is then gone until something else restores it, making that identity subject and dependent upon that which restores it. One cycle sits within another - rather than many cycles sharing the same space. However, cycles can sync, and sync’d cycles are as one – this is the reality of the Mind.

Right now, everything that will ever happen to a person, and including their exactly-precise 'death', is all a defined factor – dependent upon everything, as altogether. It is all tuned to certain cycles beyond this point. How long it will take to reach a certain forthcoming cycle-resolution, is dynamic. What form a thing manifests by is always subject to change – but the defining goals of all different cycles will always be accomplished at the time of each’s completion.

Whether a person ‘dies’ old or young, violently or peacefully, comfortably/torturously, through physical expiration or a transcendence that overcomes all physicality – it’s all irrelevant to the Universe’s Reason. One way or another, a purpose/objective will come to be resolved. The Universe will always capitalize on its Reason, and the considerations that form a person’s makeup can be smashed and reassembled as needed to fulfill it – but their allocation and encapsulation may change.

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