Thursday 12 February 2015

Autism and Vaccines and Considering Considerations

About the below sentence in the previous post, Cocaine During Pregnancy Can Prevent Autism:

"The reality is that in the case of Autism, development processes were interrupted by some introduced antagonizer, or otherwise there lacked sufficient processing fuel for development-process completion."

... Regarding the concern of vaccines and autism, something I haven't before held opinion or ideas on, it should be entirely possible that anything, not just a vaccine, that works by creating a shock for the body to adapt to may cause Autism.

The adaptation of the body is an amount of considering work to be done within the brain. When the environment which a brain is using as basis for considerings experiences change, those considerings will interrupt - their premises won't be valid anymore. Their interruption could be direct, or it could stem from any distanced information that contributed to development that was interrupted.

A considering continues from its inception to its resolution, and time is not a concern of it. Any interruption is a determination that alters or ceases a considering. A considering is a constant streaming of information from its start to resolution, with the involved information being all the included considerations that amount to the resolution of a declared concept - that declaration could come from a gene, an experience, a decision, or be automatically instigated by the resolution of a previous considering whose resolution produced a new consideration that bore meaning contextually with other known considerations (known consciously, subconsciously, within dna, genes, anything)...

It wouldn't be a matter of whether vaccine's do or do not cause Autism, just as there is no meaning to a lone consideration, but a matter of how a particular vaccine, or anything stress-inducing, will be responded to by a particular brain, at a particular point in its development.

At any rate, as shown in linked-to articled in the previous post, Dopamine treatment helps to alleviate the symptoms of Autism, and so does stimulating electrical activity ( which Cocaine also stimulates ) in the brain using other tools - which means that Autism is an instance of a brain needing to process more than it has the Mental-Task Processing Fuel to accommodate - in the present organization of its considerations.

And here's one more substantiating article for this and the previous post: Prenatal exposure to common chemicals linked to lower IQ

Everything that is recognized by a body's considerations, including the body which is a brain, made of considerations, filters through that body's considerations. The metabolic considerations will filter the contextual meanings of chemcials through them, and that filtering takes an amount of processing in the brain, which increases work-load for the brain, and provide possibility for pre-ongoing considerings in a brain to be interrupted by imposed and overpowering declarations of the considerations of, say, noxious chemicals.

Stresses decrease positive development, Dopamine increases positive development. To offset, counter, or normalize a negative influence, introduce the antithetical positive influence into the same environment.

How a thing is considered can also be re-routed in any body of considerations, but that can be explained at another time.


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