Thursday 12 February 2015

Cocaine Use During Pregnancy Can Prevent Autism

Brain Study Finds Evidence that Autism Involves Too Many Synapses
Children with Autism May Have Too Many Brain Connections

Also relevant for this post: Substantiation of Truth

Knowing what considering is, how it manifests, would make the scene of brain connectivity entirely clear. The meaning of each considering structure is not simply its static form, but is the iterative step it held before, and also the iterative step it will have next. The context of each progressed step locks the intended truth of the next into place as singular. The brain develops the right number of connections for a purpose in development, and as the considering of that development furthers, the connections progressively realign and restructure.

The idea that a brain would develop "too many" connections, implying that they are for no correct purpose, and then just cull them later on, is silly, but is right up the alley of observation-based thought. The idea of pruning an autistic brain's connections rather than stimulating their development resolutions is like addressing a crippled arm by removing it, rather than by healing it.

The reality is that in the case of Autism, development processes were interrupted by some introduced antagonizer, or otherwise there lacked sufficient processing fuel for development-process completion.

So for Cocaine to be a prevention, treatment, or cure for Autism, it should first substantiate that Cocaine is not harmful to human development, particularly the development within a womb.

'Crack baby' study ends with unexpected but clear result
'Crack baby' development issues not side-effect of drug, but poverty
Poverty Is Worse For Kids Than Being Born To A Crack-Using Mother
Long-term study debunks myth of the “crack baby”

The year 2013 delivered plentiful reporting that the during-pregnancy use of Crack, which is the smoked and much stronger form of Cocaine ( by precipitating the Cocaine molecule with a basic ph level rather than an acidic one ), does not produce birth defections, or manifest a harmful influence for a child post-birth development.

More than just not being harmful for foetus' and children, for Cocaine to be a prevention, treatment, or cure for Autism, Cocaine should additionally substantiate as being positive and beneficial for human development, at any stage. With Cocaine being the proficient increase of Dopamine combined with a significant inhibition on Nor/Epinephrine, Cocaine is the healthier-than natural release of Dopamine in the human brain. So if Dopamine is Mental-Task Processing Fuel, responsible for information being able to transfer across synapses, as this blog thoroughly declares, then its healthier, greater release will certainly impart a positive influence on development.

And in this link, Prenatal cocaine increases dendritic spine density in cortical and subcortical brain regions of the rat, there is found precisely that substantiation.

As I previously said, Dendritic Spines grow in reaction to learning, and their density and size reflect the amount of information learned within the span of time during which they were created. Consider their growth-pronouncement as relative to the amount of information the brain processes. And here is a straight-forward youtube video explaining dendritic spines.

Further, Cocaine use should immediately reflect all the positives that the increasing of Mental-Task Processing Fuel would, during the time in which it's taken.

Cocaine enhances memory storage in mice
Cocaine self-administration improves performance in a highly demanding water maze task.

So Cocaine's unique dopaminergism indeed will and does bolster brain development and functioning, both during pregnancy and afterwards.

So is there further substantiation of Cocaine's powerful positive potential for addressing Autism?

The article's lined to at the top of this post mention a drug called Rapamycin as being promising for treating Autism. Rapamycin is a dopaminergic, and used for treatment of Parkinson's - another Mental Stress ailment. Any Mental Stress ailment is born from Dopamine insufficiency, and will be treated with Dopamine supplementation - and every dopaminergic that is not Cocaine is enormously inferior in dopaminergic effect, because Dopamine begets Adrenaline, except when it comes to Cocaine, which unique inhibits Adrenaline ( and also increases Dopamine extremely more proficiently than any other dopaminergic ).

So Dopamine is indeed treatment for Autism, and only Cocaine provides its level of dopaminergic competence. Methamphetamine, because of its Dopamine : Adrenaline ratio, is likely be second best treatment, but is still distanced from Cocaine's dopaminergic proficiency by a country mile.

Also, have a look at this line, from the first linked-to article:

"A problem with the way the brain develops may leave autistic children with too many connections among their brain cells, or neurons. This might make them vulnerable to overstimulation and contribute to their autism symptoms, new research suggests"

Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Ritalin, Adderall... they all stimulate, and are categorized as stimulants, because of Dopamine. So the study purportedly surmises that Autism is a case of over-stimulation, but yet is positively addressed by increasing the very thing which stimulates brain activity? The content and suggested conclusion of the studied information is self-negating.

"As Science is founded in and conducted by False, socioathic determinations, every answer derived from the considerings of Science's test/observe methodology will be a falsehood."

Furthermore, it's being realized more and more that stimulating a brain's electrical activity using body-exterior means can progressively treat Mental Stress ailments in manners that could be called miraculous - but that stimulated electrical activity is the same as occurs from Cocaine's proficient dopamine increase... so if that stimulation is miraculously curing, then so is Cocaine.

As I said before, when neurons are mis-timing their firing, information-clogged, or routed in manners that collapse a considering, or lead it to a negative determination, a sudden proficient increase of Dopamine combined with restraining Adrenaline levels will flush out much miscommunication across the brain's neurons, and will automatically sync all the brain's considerations. Dopamine will satiate a brain cluttered with noise, while Adrenaline's increase will antagonize a noisy brain

Cocaine can cure.


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