Friday 20 February 2015

Of Considerations, and Considering

A consideration is a transitional gate of information that imparts a compounding and relative influence of work upon anything that is received through it, and a consideration gains knowing of whatever it experiences.

All things are made of considerations, and every thing and everything is a consideration - and so what is received through a consideration is other considerations, and when they pass through one they are being considered through that consideration. The channelling of a series of considerations through another Consideration, a Concept, and a Reason, is Considering.

This is how all energy changes form. Every exchange of energy is by considering, and considering is exchanging energy. Considering is communication.

Every consideration bears the Will by which it was considered, and every smallest consideration holds the knowing of every other consideration. The result of everything being considered through everything else is that All is in All, and the Allness is equal and one.

Every thing only has definition to it from its context with all other things existing, and so the fullness of all existence is imprinted upon every consideration, and all things can be considered and reasoned to completion from any single consideration.

An example is water flowing through a space – the water, with all its properties, is considered by the space it’s in, and the space is experienced by the water flowing through it. The further state of each bears the Will of each other, and in the Will of each that is received by the other is also contained the Wills of everything that previously ever considered through or was considered by the states of those things, to produce their most recent states that were just considered into each element.

By these thing all things can be known, regardless of time, place, or conditions. There is nothing a person can sense, wonder, perceive, or hope that is not made of considerations. A thing sensed is made of considerations, the concept and experience of sensing it is also made of considerations.

Every thing is a concept that itself becomes a consideration in a greater knowing, and to fully consider a concept is to receive all its considerations.


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