Friday 6 March 2015

A Considering Versus A Willed-Determination

Considering takes all things into account and produces a unified resolution, substantiated in all ways and by all things. But a determination divides and separates one portion of considerations from the rest, saying these, but not the others; because this, then not the rest; because this one, therefore not the other. Because Truth is ultimately all considerations harmonized into one, a determination is a falsehood by nature.

Both considering and a determination produce an actionable meaning, but a determination is made ahead of substantiation of details, while considering is the connecting of details, and unless it's interrupted before completion with a willed-determination, considering only manifests a resolution after all details have harmonized together to produce a singular truth - apart from which there remains no further considerations to account for.

If a considering is interrupted with a willed-determination, that determination will be a falsehood. If a person considers for a while and feels that after enough has connected and that the conclusion is obvious, that assumption will implore a determination, and the determination will produce a falsehood. Anything less than True is False, and anything less than experiencing full Reason at the end of a considering is artificial, imposed, flawed, truthless.

Similarly, expression that comes directly from the Anterior Insula has completed substantiation before it exists to be expressed, and its expression is the resolution of all details having been taken into account. The resolution is product of a premise having filtered through all that person’s considerations, and the output resolution is then the most complete and accurate expression that that person’s mind is capable to produce, and the maximum knowing that person can have.

The resolution and truth realized by the non-determined completion of considering is a Reason, and also creates new considerations for the mind that receives it, and produces a new understanding in the mind, growing that mind overall. If this is continued, the growth of mind will be exponential, until the whole mind resolves and unifies into singularity, and becomes Reasoning - traversing wholly though Reasons, and not considerations.

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