Friday 13 March 2015

The Integrity of Considering Till Resolution

Towards a premise whose resolution contains 100 considerations, there will be a distinct and different conclusion for every incremental quantity of considerations that are harmonized in pursuit of the resolution, but anything less than harmonizing all considerations will be a certain falsehood, and choosing it will close the considering in failed state – and influence a mind that willingly preferred the incomplete option, as that Will will be held within all considerations that were accepted as Answer, influencing the predilection for that person to accept incomplete answers in further trials.

The harmonization of 99 out of 100 considerations will produce a starkly different solution than the full harmonization of all considerations, which will produce a resolution that is perfection, and produce a unified signal with the value of 1, that means all its considerations. Anything that is not all-factoring will polarize the mind, and an incomplete solution will itself be polar against the truth (which is not polar), and in ways be completely antithetical to the authentic resolution. 99 of 100 considerations still holds the meaning and identity of ‘not the answer’.

A resolution to a considering contains all its considerations, and will produce a unified signal that is one, but means all its considerations equally. That signal will apply throughout the whole mind, shifting all things in a relative manner, and give new dimension to all previous understanding and consideration, and become a knowing within the mind that receives it - the only knowing that is indeed knowing. The state of not having received the signal of knowing is simultaneously the knowing that there remains further considering to be done.

A determination is made apart from complete substantiation, and so a determination ultimately is a falsehood wherever it's made. A determination is the power of personal choice made where it is ineligible - projected on anything beyond oneself. A determination made upon another is literal rape of that person's Will, equal to sexual rape, and the response and influence upon a mind is the same in both cases. The willingness of the person who passed the determination is also perfectly equal to the will of a sexual rapist, as that exerted Will was the same choice to disregard. Compartmentalizing that choice as good or bad dependent on its physical manifestation is sociopathic, and there is no truth to the basis of a thing being dependent upon it becoming observable.

Because how a person considers iterates upon the structure of the mind, and orders a person's considerations, a person who is with disorganization in their mind can find it very difficult to consider truthfully, and some people can't even tell what considering is, or how to open the door to it. Some people's considerations are disparate, and cannot find where to send their information onward to. Some people’s considerations are organized such that if they open up the door to considering, it will send their mind into a failing loop, or sharp descent - and some people's minds are so propped by determinations that breaking them will cause that mind to collapse into ruin. A lot of people simply don't have enough dopamine-availability to engage considering.

But belief pulls all considerations into a unified True, and every effort should be made to consider in truthful manner. Whatever comes before Reason is not remembered.


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