Monday 8 August 2016

Article: Common brain signature marks autism, attention deficit

Article: Common brain signature marks autism, attention deficit


Wow, who would've seen that coming, Autism, ADHD, and OCD all demonstrating the same pattern in having a disruption in the development of connections?

Maybe that development is produced via the brain's work, which is considering, and considering for any process in the brain is dependent upon the same resource, and if that resource isn't plentiful enough, then maybe that development is interrupted.

Also, notice that the article mentions impulsiveness to be present in all these instances. Impulsiveness is already a trait of having stunted consideration development due to a willful lack of consideration. But now sociopaths, by their edicts, are offloading their sociopathic traits onto others, falsely infecting them, by forcefully opposing those people's brains' natural efforts to develop the very best they can, by way of restricting those brains' access to the greater dopamine their brain's literally need to be healthy and work as designed by God and evolution.


A quote from the article says, “A reasonable conclusion is that autism and ADHD don’t differ dramatically in a structural way, but could differ in connectivity”

Hmm, very interesting, mhm mhm....

So, anyway, the fully-reasoned conclusion is that the difference between these types of cases is only which development processes were first impacted by the dopamine deficiency, due to many smaller factors concerning how much of what type of work a brain is trying to accomplish at a particular time. But, they were all caused by dopamine deficiency.

If a pregnant parent wishes to do the most they can to prevent these thing in their child, then taking 100% pure cocaine, while being mindful of the other considerations I've provided is the very best thing to do for the child's health, their positive and good development, and even for the mother, herself.

The article also says "Autism shares genetic roots with obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder." I've said that genes are the output of considering, and considering is the work of the brain for which dopamine is required. If there isn't dopamine to properly consider, which is the brain's processing, then the considering process is impaired, and the output of the considering process will reflect that impairment.


There is much more I could say on this, but when every instance of these ailments easily and quickly resolves from the same source basic understanding, I have to wonder, why is it of value to hear the same and similar words said over and over again, to produce the same clarity each next instance of the same thing?

Also, the anger I feel reading these article is heavily impacting on my own dopamine availability, and that anger chokes out my ability to say all the things that would conclude the matter once and for all for everyone on Earth today. Yet, I still know them all, and will speak them when I feel good to.


A very dire truth is that no-one has contributed more to suffering an inequality in the modern world than the doctors and scientists who work to further and shield the fictional narrative of dopamine and dopaminergics, which has been the greatest ethical, moral, and institutional failure in modern humanity's history. Although, the institutional failure part shouldn't even be a thing, because the institution, the granfalloon, is the failure, along with the sociopathism in those who seek to create and enforce such institutions to falsify a personal leverage in society and self-gratifying sense of "reward."


I would presume that a lot of the medical professionals who read this blog don't like it when I write pointed accusations at them, since viewer numbers have always dropped off a steep cliff following such statement since the beginning of the blog, but so what? They're professional murderers and thieves of people's lives, and bringers of suffering to those around the people their doctrine steals the life from. Their entire ideology has been a harmful and indefensible lie, and they've been its advocates. If those whose lives, minds, and dreams have been taken or restrained because of their choices haven't been protected, and neither have been those who truthfully spoke their dopaminergic need, then why should be the egos of those who took those people's lives, minds, and dreams, and who prop up the most malicious and deceptive facade human society ever produced?

Do they condition their willingness to engage the truth upon first having their falseness accommodated and pandered to?


If those whose lives, minds, and dreams that were taken hadn't been put into the states they've been artificially put into, and if those people understood considering and the need to look after their dopamine availabilities, then they would be society's greatest minds, and no one who came before would be as anything in comparison to their capabilities. An Einstein, Tesla, or Da Vinci would be like childish thinkers, to them.

If one person who knows theses things is greater than millions who don't, and can accomplish in a single year a full understanding of the things that millions could only achieve falsehoods regarding given a full century, then it would certainly be as I've stated.

Remember, the more dopamine that is accessible to a brain, the more considerations that brain can work with at one time. That means that what is impossible to reach with low dopamine is easy to master with high dopamine. What takes a thousand years and still isn't fully graspable with little dopamine can take one minute with high dopamine, and be known in its entirety. But the other requirement to such mental proficiency is to have considerations within a brain considered in their truthful placements. A person with massive dopamine who makes determinations will not have the communication and access between their considerations needed to achieve greater truthful understanding.

And so doctors and scientists have offended the truth on two fronts: by obstructing access to dopamine, which is like obstructing access to water or air, and by continuously pressing a false understanding which prevents truthful consideration of matters, and which reduces society's capacity as a whole to consider matters truthfully.


As things stand, doctors and scientists, and government must already face the rest of society, and own up to the truth that they've been telling them what was exactly false concerning dopaminergic substances, drugs in general, their relevance to human health, and psychological understanding (which has so far only claimed justifications for the sociopathic mentalities of those who've developed it). Waiting longer to admit to the truth is not going to make the mountain of consideration that is required to be corrected lessen. But waiting will cause the number of people who suffer to grow.


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