Sunday 30 April 2017

Considering Reality, Perception of Time, and Spiritual Growth

Reality is a reasoning of considerations, and all considerations fully reasoned add up to one.

People calling themselves scientists, or physicists theorize of multiple universes, or different dimension, but there is one truth, made of all considerations, and a person exists in as much of it as they have been willing to reason as good within themselves, and perceived multiple dimensions can be merged into one by reasoning their considerations into one reality. And since what is perceived as physical is a manifestation of what is reasoned in consideration, what are called 'laws of physics' are changed, removed, or added to an experienced reality based on whether the consideration that makes up that reality increases, diminishes.

As I said in a previous post:

"If there was full separation between any considerations (such as a person, a mind, a thought, a cell) and other consideration, the two wouldn't be observable within the same reality. The universe wouldn't experience the other, and the other wouldn't experience the universe. They would be two separate existences, not aware of each other and not able to experience each other - and so exerting no influence upon each other. They would pass right through each other without effect, and each would be to the other as if non-existent."


"Reasoning is Mind placing all Considerations so that they are ordered rightly, and so producing Truth, and further, what is Good - which re-defines Truth in the Universe by re-allocating the placement of its Considerations. Once a Consideration is re-allocated by Reasoning, what existed previously no-longer exists, nor did it ever exist. Its other placement is no-more, and will not be again, and record of it cannot be found anywhere. It is as if it never was, and is of no-effect.

This happens in and beyond the universe all the time.

What sits beneath such a change will never know it when it happens, but what sits above it will know it."

Think of the example made in the movie Interstellar:

What experiences to the astronaut of little consideration as abstract and complex is understood by the greater mind that they are within as one reasoned concept, and all its contained considerations can be accessed at once, in any volume, without inhibition. And each experience of a moment in time that a person exists within is already this, while the more considerations a person reasons together, the greater their moment of experience expands to, and eventually, for 'the one who endures to the end', as Jesus described it, all considerations will be restored into one eternal moment in which everything exists in its truthful form.

The greater the distance in consideration, the more abstract understanding of other places become. And with great enough distance, it is as if nothing is there to be perceived by whoever doesn't have the consideration within themselves to be able to perceive those things.

And as Jesus described in a parable, "And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been set in place, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us." The divide is the absence of consideration to form a bridge between the two places.

Even in your own states, you are being considered through other places and people. When theorists speak of every possibility existing, yet speak as though they exist in different spaces from one another, they express the determinations and separation they have from those places. A person who reasons all considerations together can exist in all of those places at once, and have it experience as one place, with the unified sight, experience, understanding, and all other aspects, of all of them. And if that person makes determinations which separate themselves from considerations some of those things are made of, then they will lose awareness, experience, and presence in the places they have separated themselves from the considerations of. A person is filtered through all considerations based on how their own held considerations cause them to evaluate against the truth.

When a mind considers information, that incoming information evaluates pre-held considerations to achieve substantiation of new incoming information. Both the pre-held information and the incoming information can be reformed by reassembling the considerations it’s made of, to reason the entire volume of pre-held and incoming considerations into one body of consideration. This is the digesting of incoming information. When a determination is made, considerations are rejected, and there is a divide created between a person and those considerations.

And the state of being made of all the considerations which fully reason to add add up to one is what 'made in the image of God' refers to.

Sometimes a person is not able to consider a thing because their pre-held considerations are too much  aligned against it, or the incoming thing rules against the person's own considerations with too much force, and opening up to that thing all at once could destroy the body of considerations that is the person’s mind and experience. This is why Jesus said: "Besides, who would patch old clothing with new cloth? For the new patch would shrink and rip away from the old cloth, leaving an even bigger tear than before. And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the old skins would burst from the pressure, spilling the wine and ruining the skins. New wine is stored in new wineskins so that both are preserved.”

What is perceived as time is the movement of some considerations relative to others, at different speeds, and different directions. What is called time can be contracted and expanded by considering, and the considerations that make up the experience of a particular time can be added to, so that that space and what it contains becomes more. Also, by reasoning more considerations into one, the breadth of time while in that place is greater.

What is viewed as 'passing of time' is a person having been considered beyond the form of considerations that is the place that is considered as passed. If that form of considerations became fully considered as True again by a person, then that would again be where that person exists. But if a person is not fully reasoned together with all their considerations, then they don't possess full control to do things like this, since, for considerations that are defining their disposition towards a person's effort as negative against their determinations will naturally be inclined to deny or do the opposite to what a person's tries to impose, and that person will be ruled against by their own consideration, because they carried falsehood within themselves, which is a disjointment between considerations that causes one edict upon all considerations to translate into opposite meanings to many of them.

What is fully reasoned is in all times at once, and reason is the state of all-True, and is eternal.

Considerations evaluate as True or False against other consideration, so the more considerations that have been reasoned into one within a mind, the more that mind knows, and the more truth there is in that mind. And those considerations, or the meaning of their absence are everything that guides a person, so when a person’s considerations are reasoned into one, that person is truthful. But when a person’s considerations are disjointed and against each other because of that person’s determinations, then it is impossible for that person to be truthful, even when they adhere to all the principles they have made for themselves to justify their behaviour.

There are many causes why a person may or may not be able to consider something, or to get control of considering that is happening within them, and potentially harming them greatly. And the answer to every posed group of considerations is particular. Like Jesus said "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God", which means not bread, not a 'this' or a 'that', but by every last consideration. Again, 'made in the image of God' means that the truthful image of a person is with all considerations - and any left out represent falsehood. And since life if the movement caused by considering, where there is an absence of consideration, there exists death.

A simple prescription would be a determination, saying 'these specific considerations' out of all consideration. But the truth is all considerations taken into account, and ordered in the only single way that they add up completely. But belief is what invokes Reason, to cause considering. And so the greater a person grows their belief, the more consideration they will be able to engage and hold in their view at once. The smaller a person's belief, the less consideration they are able to hold within themselves. Meditation and increasing dopamine both can help a person be able to calm and organize their consideration, to bring them closer in reason.


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