Thursday 21 August 2014

A Greater Reasoning

Reasoning is Mind placing all Considerations so that they are ordered rightly, and so producing Truth, and further, what is Good - which re-defines Truth in the Universe by re-allocating the placement of its Considerations. Once a Consideration is re-allocated by Reasoning, what existed previously no-longer exists, nor did it ever exist. Its other placement is no-more, and will not be again, and record of it cannot be found anywhere. It is as if it never was, and is of no-effect.

This happens in and beyond the universe all the time.

What sits beneath such a change will never know it when it happens, but what sits above it will know it. A Consideration can be reasoned into place, but you cannot Reason with a Consideration. Reasoning is a language beyond normal languages, and it is invisible to Considerations. Maybe some mathematicians would comprehend this experience, as Mathematics is a low subset of Reason, and so is a language that is reasoning.


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