Tuesday 7 October 2014

The Illusion of Time

Blind Science claims that everything has a frequency. But if the Sociopathism of Time is removed from consideration of a frequency, then instead of appearing as a wave, what is seen is an oscillation occurring upon one point, going up and down along a vertical line. But if this oscillation were seen as if from a 90 degree axial-rotation (meaning to give it width and somewhat the view as from its own dimension), it would manifest as information that is producing from a ball of light as things are considering, with the oscillation movement of its frequency instead showing as a point that spins in the shape a ring - and each cycle it makes denoting completion of an amount of work.

The movement of a light beam through space, itself, is recorded as work within a cycle. Movement does not correlate to time, and time is an irrelevant consideration for movement. Re-definition is all that's needed for re-allocation, across any distance and in just an instant moment.

Everything may have a frequency to its cycle-rate, but everything is made of Considerations, and everything True forms a Ring and not a wave –  and everything upon evaluating True progresses, while everything Untrue is de-threading a truth that will later require restoration. Everything is either ascending, or descending. There is nothing that is idle.

A Consideration can become a Reason, but a Reason has completed its considering and is no longer coalescing considerations (nor is it idle) – a Reason Is.

Everything has a Reason, and what is based in Observation is blind, and blindness is the reason for Observation's False conclusions.


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