Wednesday 8 October 2014

The Universe Marks a Singularity

Continuing from: The Universe Forms a Ring, With Energy its Greater

Since "There is a thread of all-True evaluation passing through everything material and immaterial that can be found to exist within this universe, and these are all the universe’s considerations, and they form a Ring, which is coalescing"...

Every Reason forms a Ring, and that ring is a singularity, with no travel-time between any of its considerations, and which marks an evaluation as One, and True.

To be anything, a singularity must contain all its concept's details while still evaluating as one, altogether, and with no interruption within itself. A continuous circle, or sphere, would collapse its details and lose all definition and become a lone Consideration, without a Reason. A singularity is in the form of a ring, and, by being one, all its details maintain separation and peaceful inter-dependence with all, yet while experiencing no resistance from any to any other. Within a ring, everything necessarily means everything else. In Reason, all is ordered in perfectly harmonious fashion to form one True.

A singularity has nothing that will cause it to undergo a change in form, and will have perfect equilibrium within itself and so has no reason to change, and any change would destroy itself.

This universe is a singularity, but it was not one in the moment of its existence. To become what it is now, it experienced a former state evaluation as False against another. However, ever since shortly after its appearance, it has been coalescing considerations into the order that will become its full True evaluation. It already is a singularity, but the ring of its truth is thickening with ever more considerations, and will continue to until its Reason is fulfilled. There are many loose considerations around its outer ring, wanting to have placement, and much of what can be observed is not True.


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