Tuesday 7 October 2014

The Universe Forms a Ring, With Energy its Greater

For a thing to have definition – as anything that can be said to exist does – it must experience relation to something more than itself, creating context. Truth does not exist apart from there being context to create and manifest it. That context is the order of the involved considerations, their active assemblage is their being reasoned into place while the True-status of their purpose is being considered, and their final state is what has been considered, and a Reason for something else.

There is a thread of all-True evaluation passing through everything material and immaterial that can be found to exist within this universe, and these are all the universe’s considerations, and they form a Ring, which is coalescing.

The Universe itself is a ring, and it sits perpendicularly within a small part of another, much greater Ring, which is of energy that is rushing through the universe and holding it together - and where they meet is formed a Cross-Section. And so the Universe is merely a consideration in a greater Reason.

As I said before, matter is simply transitioned energy, and the universe is all considerations ordered in a parallel fashion to each other. Energy is all considerations ordered, not parallel, but one after the other, in a harmonized fashion. Two considerations which are ordered in perfect harmony do not show as two, one after the other, but are then as one - the end of the first is the precise beginning of the next, and so they are seamless, and flow without interruption.

Every Reason, and so every Truth, has all of a Value, Meaning, Purpose and Point. And so e=mc2, which recognizes only Value, is nothing but a dumb power-reading.

Einstein mistakenly mixed together Reason and Science, and came up with a flawed formula, and its 'e' does not truthfully correlate to Energy, as what is energy, but to only one of Energy's details. However, as long as a thing only sticks to any one of Value, Meaning, Purpose and Point, it will always come up with some False answer that will appear validated within its own self - but all it ever is validating is detection of its own existence, in ignorance to where it fits, what it means, and why any of it.

A thing that keeps validating its own self is devolving whilst being blind to it - like the increasingly sociopathic minds produced by Science's influence.

Continued in: The Universe Marks a Singularity


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