Saturday 29 November 2014

A Bit on Making Use of Detail-Awareness

Relating to: A Dopamine Molecule is a Quantum of Work-Potential

The Prefrontal Cortex is empty container-space to receive details to be made Yes / No, decisions upon. The greater its Dopamine-availability, more details will be able to be received and handled.

If there isn't enough Dopamine-availability, a person will have a hard time comprehending a matter, and will fail to note many, even all points and aspects. They can also have a cloudy mind, headache, a psychosis, chronic depression, etc. Every suffering, though not by observation, is a measurable, quantifiable, identifiable volume of considerations that have collapsed, and are waiting to be restored.

Having large Dopamine-availability in the Prefrontal Cortex region does not mean that a person has exceptional detail-awareness - although they may very well appear to excel beyond others: that is simply because many others don't have the dopamine-availability to recognize and make use of all the details which they have previously considered detection for. Suffering, itself, is constantly cultivating further considerations without a person even being aware of it.

A person who has considered more will require greater Dopamine-availability in the Prefrontal Cortex region in order to work with an equivalent number of details as someone who has considered less, because that same number of core details in the person who has considers more will be comprised through a comprehension made of many, many more considerations - and each identified consideration requires a quantum of Dopamine, while the more considerations present, the more Dopamine measurement per forefront consideration will be required - because the number of known reciprocal considerations each is substantiated through increases exponentially the more that are present, as more inter-actions from each are detected.

The truth is that those setting medical, sociological, scientific policy typically are those with the least capacity to detect truth, because they have high Prefrontal Cortex dopamine levels precisely by having lower consideration activity - while those who have cultivated greater smarts can't get their brains to function, precisely because the standards have been set by empty-headed sociopaths. And they've made sure that all things 'Reward' and cater to their comfortable preference, rather than to the truth, or to what would allow fairness and equality to emerge.

Also, beneath a certain level of development, the brain itself functions in an entirely different manner - and so 'Reward' is given out to those whose brains have come to be wired to bypass much truth. Those people have traded in truth for an easy fix of Natural Cocaine, which is the brain's Dopamine - and prevented others from having enough of what is a natural right of human existence to even be able to function properly, without pains, and without unnecessary loss-of-life causing ailments.


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