Thursday 13 November 2014

A Gene is a Concept

In this post this post I said:

"Every mechanism in the metabolic pathway can be triggered by Will


But, in essence, Willed-Belief enacts Reason's primary principle throughout the Anterior Insula's considerations - which triggers metabolic mechanisms."

And in this post:

"Making Willed-determinations for the purpose of opposing some other declaration that wasn't liked, with an opinion (all opinions being unverified claims that ultimately will all appraise as either hard-True or hard-False), is sociopathic, by circumventing all consideration of what is opposed. Doing such stunts the development of the Anterior Insula, whose considering is the mechanism of human evolution - and the lack of its engagement for consideration is the nature of the devolution that is ongoing in the average human brain."

A gene is a Concept which considered, then acceded to the level of certainty within a person's Mind.

"To invoke a concept is to invoke all its Considerations, as they are ordered - in a manner that is relative to the Mind that invokes them."

A gene will turn off and on as it evaluates as True or False relative to the considerations in the belief of a person's total Mind.

If a gene is disabled manually, it is like accommodating a deteriorating Mind that has lost all the Considerations needed to healthily support all its qualities by reducing its workload through removal of those qualities. It is a surgical devolution to circumvent ailment caused by a diminishing Mind causing infrastructural weakening in the body, as a gene's contribution of qualities produces both independently and as relative to all others. The more genes disabled, the more the weakening is having its work done for it.

A person can heal themselves of all things through considering (which needs Dopamine in the brain), and by belief - which is the willed declaration of 'This Is', aligning all the Considerations of any concept to a unified True. A person must have their value of controlled will be greater than the Consideration-Value of the concept wishing to be invoked.


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