Friday 5 December 2014

Considering Re-Wires the Brain According to How a Person Considers

It was recently said in a documentary on Psychopathism that, in a Psychopath’s brain, parts of the brain are completely shut off. And as I said before, the Anterior Insula provides the means to determine Truth, and if all a person’s considerations are disparate, then the Anterior Insula itself evaluates as False - though not shut-off, it will be short-circuited in its operation.

Likewise, a person operating on ‘Reward’ has short-circuited their brain by considering their own personal comforts ahead of Truth, and such a person is incapable of deciphering on their own what Truth really is. And again as I said before, a person operating from cranial ‘Reward’-wiring ultimately cannot be trusted or believed, because they are operating completely out of the motivation of accomplishing their own benefit (reputation, comfort, justification, money, shielding), and not to see established what is True.

In all cases in a brain, there is only one ordered, evolving pathway that Considering operates along, and a person cannot consider both themselves and also Truth. If a person considers themselves, they will not perceive Truth because Self only gains meaning after the full context of Truth has been considered, and as relative to it. But if a person considers Truth, then the consideration of Truth will include themselves as they place within Truth, because they were cause for Truth to be considered and so a part of it.

And when all things are ordered rightly, a thing's considerations unify, and all become equal and as one – and this is the premise of consciousness. Consciousness – to be aware of what is beyond Self. Awareness implies detection to all details other than Self, because without everything apart from Self, there is nothing to be aware of. And what is Self needs no designated attention, because it simply Is, to the Self, and is belief-based, and when is believed with certainty is a knowing. To focus awareness on serving Self is to become inverted in one's considering.


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