Sunday 10 August 2014

Consideration-Value, and Other Things of Mental Consideration

When you consider, your mind is working out how to bridge an understood piece of information to another that is not yet understood - and once it succeeds, the two items become one body of information, and recollection of any of its details brings forth the culmination of all considerations that are contained within it. There is no travel-time in a singularity, and every detail within such a body of information is effortlessly known whenever any of them experience relation to any incoming information. A concept is made of smaller concepts, and there can be millions upon millions of instantaneously accessible concepts within one larger comprehension.

Completion of a consideration produces an instantaneous new understanding, or a knowing, and with smaller ones it could be like a synapse suddenly turning on. When the consideration is very low in its overall value, it can experience as scarcely anything - but it all culminates and later considering could contain thousands and then millions of equal Consideration-Value per amount of work. Every typical consideration is culmination of countless prior considerations, and I'm sure there could be trillions of trillions of lowest-form considerations involved in large ones.

As every completed considering creates a new concept which is made up of all its contained considerations, there is inherent numeric value in their total contained lowest-form individual considerations, and so there is also hierarchy in contrasted considerations and concepts, based on their total number of contained smallest-value considerations. Still, every concept, made up of a grouping of Considerations, presents a value of 1 for the overall concept. Considerations of equal contained Consideration-Value would be of equal hierarchy and authority in the mind.

The Anterior Insula has an output, which itself is a Consideration - and if all considerations are reasoned in-line with this single output consideration, then all information a person has within them is fully-known and accessible instantly, at any moment, and in any capacity.

A person's mind is the sum-total of all their considerations that are considered or reasoned together (so if a person doesn't have any...), and their fully-controllable mind is the sum-total of all these that are synced with the output consideration of the Anterior Insula, though potentially countered and offset by those that are not. Groups of considerations that are not synced with this output consideration probably were until being harmed by bigger mental stresses. A scattered, disoriented, or delirious mind is discordant in its considerations, and a fully torn mind can be no different than having more than 1 person within a single body - as those considerations are consciousness, and their thorough separation creates multiple bodies of consciousness. But cycles sit within each other, and one will have more control than others - although whatever has greater Consideration-Value will be able to exert more effort to manipulate a dominance. In the end, if their discrepancies are fully considered, they will be re-bridged, and unified back into one form of consciousness.


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