Friday 27 February 2015

Being All-Factoring

All existence is a singularity, and all truth, and every single truth within all existence forms its own singularity.

To be Real, a thing needs to have definition. That definition is only contextual to everything else. Context between things is a bridge of information. If a person's mind is truthful, the bridges between all things can be traversed through considering and there will be no resistance to any movement.

A Willed-Determination is a barrier to considering (but also can protect against harmful considering), and a mind that has filled itself with static facts, each of them being worth many Willed-Determinations upon many avenues of considering, cannot easily consider the truth, and has largely configured itself against the truth.

Willed-Determinations can create harm throughout the whole universe. Because existence is all-factoring of all its considerations, to change the state of a consideration in one place is to change the overall definition of the whole. The overall definition of the whole then holds a meaning that contextually identifies every consideration and its alignment.

The greatest Truth is all considerations evaluating True, in all ways and in all directions, without resistance between any. And as every consideration is a quantum of Mind, that is also the greatest awareness, the knowing of all things.


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