Sunday 15 February 2015

The Hypocritic, Not Hippocratic Oath is What Applies

Medical convention, and the attitudes of those delivering it, is largely tailored to a physiological disposition that is ignorant and dismissive of those who are most suffering, and gives all benefit of the doubt to those who suffer the least and who are most prone to dishonestly representing themselves.

The capability to memorize ( not comprehend ) the vast quantity of medical facts ( not truths ) required for the medical profession scholastic credentials to be able to work in the field, is due to having plentiful (above average) dopamine availability in the brain regions responsible for memory retention, critical thinking, etc... and the availability of that dopamine is also exactly what prevents stress and stress-based ailments, while its lack is what opens the door to stress ailments (depression, anxiety, psychosis, alzheimers, parkinsons, etc), and its increasing lack perfectly corresponds with increasing pains, mind blur, and lethargy.

People who manage their medical credentials typically haven't ever experienced even 1 hundredth the suffering that some pain sufferers do in a day. The concepts of pain and stress that they hold are mostly just that - conceptual, and their observation gives no means for them to perceive the suffering of others, that they might act just and fairly towards them.

Many of them cause as much or more suffering than they ever manage to treat, by themselves being barriers to authentic resolutions - because they just don't have the real life experience that would qualify them to address pain, suffering, and stress in another person, and they also don't have the consideration to realize that their indoctrination is not truthfully helping of the individual or society, or at all compassionate and caring.

Also, conventional, institutional medicine is palliative care-driven - meaning it greatly favours ongoing treatments over cures. Pharmaceutical companies are for-profit, and invest where they might get good returns - not where they will produce a final resolution. Many "irremediable" things are curable, and quickly, outside of institutional medicine, but nobody is paying or lobbying for their cures to become available.

Doctors are without comprehension and qualification for truly addressing ailment - but they are good at recollecting what symptoms relate to which ineffective prescription medication in a big prescription directory book. That memorization and recollection capability is precisely because they carry within their brains larger quantities of Natural Cocaine, meaning the same dopamine released by cocaine, which is that very dopamine that is lacking in those who suffer Mental Stress ailments.

But everything that has a cause also has a cure.

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