Tuesday 3 February 2015

Reason's Permanence Over All Things

Reason exists throughout all things as a oneness, and to change the placement of a consideration in the ordering of things in the present simultaneously causes the same consideration to change its placement in the ‘future’ and ‘past’, and the influence a change makes will be relative to all things, wherever is looked.

What is observable about the ‘past’ right now is not what was, or what would be if all things de-considered to the point that it was a moment of the ‘past’ again, but is what the things of that different place could amount to when placed into shared context of the modern moment’s entirely different organization of all the same considerations – and is also relative to the particular perception observing it. Observation is subjective.

Just as a circular puzzle that has two of its pieces from opposing sides swapped makes for two different realities and manifestations of that puzzle’s wholeness, a past organization of the universe’s considerations is not the ‘This Is’ anymore – and any amount of observation-based evidence will give no real accuracy that's worth mentioning for what truly was.

Though still, in Reason all moments and things can be experienced and in all ways – but anything entering anything else with its own memory will make a new consideration for what it enters into, over what it used to be - for the new perception that engages it brings a new equilibrium to what is engaged, with all things in the entered environment adding up to one wholeness. Observation is a part of whatever environment it experiences, and will always change it. There is other way to know a thing without changing it.

What exists entirely beneath a change will never realize change when it happens. As any thing's attachment to its considerations forms its knowing, to change anything's considerations from above is to change its knowing - everything could be made to be different, while an inner consideration will experience each changed state as having always been.

But still, there is Way for all things in Reason. In Reason, everything is not only possible - Reason IS, and in Reason all things ARE.


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