Friday 11 December 2015

Article: Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test

I've just added to one of the items in the previous post, A Few More for: An Eclectic Assortment of Articles, a link to the article: Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test

This is something I want to address more extensively in another post.

61% irreproducible is worse than a figure than would represent simple randomness. What this means is that not only is the adopted understanding of mind which influences policy regarding dopaminergic application and mental health treatment not moving in a positive direction, and not only is it not instead simply random, which would be bad enough... but it is less than random, being forcibly steered towards the negative, away from truth, and head-first into a domain of contrived fiction. Anything less than True is False, and the movement of consideration towards False conclusion is sociopathic, and a falsehood-bearing mind is sociopathic.

It is the technical reality that the majority of those designing the frameworks for institutional mental health treatment in this world are sociopaths, regardless of their intents, and their influence can therefore only be bearing of falsehood, and unfruitful towards the subject of genuine mental health treatment. To hold to and be guided by what is False is to be locked into a perpetual falsehood-bearing circuit of considering.

And yet, that body of false information that has been iteratively built is forcibly harming millions of people's lives, and informing the conduct of many in professions which directly engage with people. Maybe this can be swiftly changed, which would be for the amazing betterment of all people. But that won't happen by holding on to and entertaining what was patently False from the beginning.


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