Wednesday 18 June 2014

of-Considerations, in Piecemeal - tentative

As this subject attempts to extend beyond Reason to consider Reason's emergence, and then earlier still, it cannot be all Reasoned (I presume, for now), but it is all Considered, and of-Potential - regardless of such's existence. 'Tentative' and 'referencial for contemplation' is greater than 'nothingness null nothing', for a concept-based being. I presume, for now.

Long ago, before the time of the dinosaurs, there was... Consideration?

A Consideration is transitional potential - a quality without any context to produce value/definition.

Everything to which consideration(s) applies has its energy (or whatever else, where relevant) filtered through the personality of the imparted Considerations. The result can be material creation, commandment of operation, existential nullification, and everything else that is, and also is-not, whatever the form or measurement.

Everything existing emerges out of this filtering through Considerations.

Considerations hypothetically coalesce, receive precedence, counteract, agitate, harmonize, atone... everything. They are not any thing, but all transitional potential.

Consideration-particles (also Considerations) can assemble in all manners, but there exists perfect unity for every unique archetype Consideration - each of which disassembles into particle-Considerations, and those probably likewise, ongoing.

All Consideration-particle assemblage is Reasoned, and all assembling of Considerations necessarily-produces Reason's existence.

Consideration achetypes are the particles of Reason.

The physical Universe has a specific identity, and it is exactly all Considerations perfectly refined into their unique singularities, with all those then unified so as existing parallel/concurrent, making a loop, via a Reasoned order. The Universe is temporal and purposed and will eventually de-materialize, with all its stored value to revert to energy.

Reason has a specific identity, and it is exactly all conjoining Considerations perfectly refined and ordered into their unique singular-instances, with all those then conjoined so as existing parallel/concurrent, via a Reasoned order. Reason is most identifiable where consideration factors what is defined as relevant to outcome.

'Love' has a specific identity, and it is exactly all Reason-extraneous Considerations, perfectly refined and ordered into their unique singular-instances, with all those then conjoined so as existing parallel/concurrent in a Reasoned order. 'Love' is most identifiable where consideration is singular-existence and definition does not exist. 'Unconditioned Love' can apply equally to nothing and defined-existence, and when applied to definition, it overrules existing values and attributes its own quality as value: all = True / full positive-value. Where without definition, 'Unconditioned Love' could hypothetically be Reason with all of Consideration's determination-barriers removed.

That which is both Reason and 'Love', and is of all Considerations, has full rule over Truth:

Reason enables Falsification and segmentation of Truth through principled creation of the intangible Falsehood-concept, which is Truth's antithesis. After that, Love can employ its definition-extraneous considerations to void and replace Truth's values however, or to normalize Truth into, I suppose, something value-less, or fully erase it by merging it with its Reasoned antithesis - producing not a de-materialization/manifestation/creation, but declaring the same definition-less non-existence as potentially-was before Truth's reasoning.

All this is open to consideration.

Consideration is not matter and seems likely neither to be energy, as Consideration lacks state/value/presence, except where mid-transitioning energy as the gateway. Consideration and Reason are of this value-less, definitionless Potential, which thrives in seeming-nothingness, effortlessly, and from there would predictably produce nothingness' antithetical-alternative, which substantiates as its Potential - and, there, would emerge extensive Reason. Potential would be a unique form from energy and matter, and as matter is derived from energy, energy could be derived from Potential. If Potential produces energy as well as transitioning it into matter, Potential would be more real than energy, just as energy is more real than matter, which itself is transitioned-energy. That stated, energy could be transitioned Potential.

Nothing, Potential, Consideration, 'Love', Reason, Truth - it's hard to designate an existential-precedence to any of them. Maybe they're all conceptualized sub-divisions for a greater Singularity.


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