Friday 6 June 2014

Denouncement of 'Reward' as Literal Chief of all Sociopathism

'Reward' is Sociopathic concept in origin, operation, implication, practicality, and societal outcome.

It is the antithesis of Smarts - and a person of-Smarts (higher Anterior Insula development) will easily recognize that a thing can't Reward itself, and if the brain could do so, it would set an endless cycling-loop to always be flush with Reward. To not, would make the brain really, really, really dumb: It holds what it seeks, and yet filibusters the circuit with irrelevant condition-setting. It would rather mean that the brain is not of one being, but of multiple.

Any interim activity serves no purpose in a 'Reward' paradigm, and is succinctly evolutionarily-invalid (though that's the very least-damning aspect of it). This False paradigm also means that there would be a Master and a Slave persona within the same mind: One which evaluates the other, and conditions their acceptance upon mere tasks, making the overall brain bi-polar, suicidal, self-loathing, sadistic, tyrannical. It would be True-evil, just as Evil is definitively the by-product from lack of Considerations upon all things.

The Master persona would then be an Antagonist-Sociopath towards the Slave persona - and this relationship would be regardless of whether the Slave meets the conditions of the Master or not.

Argument that this behaviour is a survival mechanism is equally Sociopathic and non-appreciable:

For what purpose would the body and brain be surviving if it could fulfill its existence through this endless-cycling? And if it did such an endless-cycling and yet still had survival interest, then obviously either 'Reward' wasn't there to serve a desire to survive, or the brain was simply not cycling Reward enough to comprehensively fulfill itself - and in either case, the disposition provides its own resolution: seek survival / cycle-faster. Obvious. Therefore, the taking of drugs would be the pinnacle accomplishment in life, and truth-honouring course of action for a human.

Calling Dopamine 'Reward' is a concept which only one definitively of non-Smarts could conceive as intelligent. It is the literal antithesis of Intelligent, and it literally stems directly from what is literal antithesis of literal intelligence.

A person who was genuinely of-Reward would literally be a 'worse than Hitler', Saddam, Stalin, and everything and everyone, because their mind would literally partition between full, non-wavering, unconditionally-threatening, violent subjugating-dominance, and then complete-subjection to that: Sociopathic and Psychotic all in one ugly skull.

It would be a hard division of antithetical qualities, and it would be unable to act on anything because of it. It therefore would render void any pretence that its design had any use in serving accomplishment, survival, or evolution - it would be self-defeating, and self-fearing and it also would rapidly destroy any will in the Slave partition to participate in surviving.

'Reward' is a Sociopathic concept, born of Sociopathism and harboured by Sociopaths. It is the penultimate Stupidity, a pure-bred offspring of it, and the True-mark of a person of non-Smarts.

A person of Reward cannot be trusted in anything they say, and anything they claim is void on contact - because their motivation is False, their intention serving of one Sociopathic persona, and their evaluation of everything skewed by the perspective that all is to serve Chief Sociopath. An of-Reward cannot produce or determine Truth, and for the state of 'Reward' there is no Truth to detect - only personal benefit.

The person of 'you' does not factor into 'Reward", and neither does 'Reward'. It is True self-defeat, self-antithesis.

'A house divided against itself will not stand'

Reason-up, people.


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