Friday 6 June 2014

General infos

Pre-Yesterday's 'Tomorrow' didn't occur, and I think it'll benefit more to place some other things first, as the MFPD-resolution was written earlier and prior to detailing some concepts, and having those first established in full-view will help anything that refers to them summarily.

A day of writing spawned many more useful concept-partitioning, but the larger multitude of these for Reason sit in a bunch of 6 - 12+ page Word-documents, and are not yet-delivered because of writing far too much for any practicality, rather than not having enough to write. The nature of Reason will gradually sift, unify, and encapsulate their pieces into sub-concepts, and then a larger, cohesive-understanding. I will probably provide them in their smaller-forms along the way, and I'm sure I have many thing already to give as soon as I remember what or where they are.

I have newly-paraphrased an overview of the inter-regional dopamine reality, I only need to type it from writing and then will provide.

Below is a pretty significant piece (being the heart of it) of the reverse-engineering of where the 'Reward' myth stems from, and what it's actual value is - and it's not appreciable.


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