Friday 6 June 2014

Ability is of Anterior Insula Consideration-Construction - and its failing total-reality of 'Reward' || Dope-Proverb 6

Ability-detection is of Anterior Insula inter-Construction:

Temporal awareness of capability augments a conditioned-partial self-ability-appreciation, with the Striatum subserviently the Regulatory-centre of the brain.

Appreciation and Reward are antithesis, and where one exists, the other is absent. 'Reward' is of no-value, and its narrow-provision makes appreciation of the capability that its contingent upon, and its opportunities, impossible to present. Such a mind will always be re-discovering the same, basic, self-potential - literally as a part their detail-awareness keeps denying what's reasoned-True during direct-interaction. Consequently, a 'Reward' person will never internally-accept this detail-awareness to comprehend its value, or for themselves and society to benefit from it. So their 'Reward' insanity dictates that they can never appreciate this awareness, or appreciate the same awareness in others - as they will not have detail-detection or comprehension of it, wherever else it occurs.

Note: Appreciation a piece of a greater reality might experience simultaneously with 'Reward'.

This memory is not the working-memory of the Prefrontal Cortex, but the one that comes from knowledge-of-self, a genuine Knowing and Understanding, and dependent on Anterior Insula inter-calculations manifesting a lasting realization-of-self.

I guess that ties that whole thing up in one go. It's awful that potentially most greatest-capable people are essentially tortured-slaves to a sociopathic-dogma, forcefully, and under state-decree. At least a Jew wasn't being convinced they weren't being partitioned and killed while it was going on - and weren't being told that their death was their life. Instead, this is psychological torture on top of physical and psychological torture.

Also, those who experience 'Reward' are basically, although most-surely without realizing it, selling their greater and literal True-selves for a little touch of dopamine-dusting. If they knew the better, they would take it - but that they haven't taken it is no excuse for paralyzing those different and cutting them off from their rightful life through psychological-enslavement. Those people's manifestation of themselves would produce the consistent-awareness of the Sociopath's own denied-potential, and help lock-in those realizations. What is experienced as concession, 'Reward', is in-reality the gift of being too dim to recognize what's missed and lost, and reveling-endlessly in a sand-box full of genuine-shit.

A person with Down-syndrome can be easily excited and pleased, and conversely insta-stubborn and aggressive - this paradigm bears the same factor-constitution and snap-polarity mechanism as sizable-swaths of 'Reward'-people, but with proportions ramped upwards - although the discrepancy between the two demographics is probably about the same as that between a heavy 'Reward'-persona and a one of Appreciation-capability, and sometimes moreso. If contrast to a mind of-Reason (which is nurturable, and its insetting, as all behavioural traits, is one of increasing-inclination and not suddenly full), which is possibly the penultimate development-ability of Anterior Insula, the discrepancy is then far more extreme.

An Anterior Insula-True person may be resigned to keep-resigning, through the disorientation described in the 4rd paragraph of this piece, but for those certain of 'Reward', Consider how you might actually manifest, and in-fact therefore would be. Do you bully Down-sufferers and call them Retards in the open - (I won't more narrowly-specify what could rhetorically-negate the question for some people)? Civility/compassion comes through Smarts-normalization (though eccentricity from erratic or disarrayed-Smarts), and I think those more Anterior Insula established will not frequently cite what-is for faulting, because persistent life-abuse/misuse misinforms and de-affirms their sensed-perception that their reasoned-perception is actually what's True, and only what's-True.

Dopamine Proverb 6: A person who experiences 'Reward' is necessarily a loser within their own mind


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