Sunday 22 June 2014

The Trajectory for Anterior Insula Development

Involved in Anterior Insula development are all of Consideration, Understanding, Comprehension, Reasoning, Detail-Awareness, and Emotional Depth (not sensitivity, although circumstances could see a person prone to it - subject for a later time).

The trajectory for Anterior Insula development is as follows:


Understanding and Comprehension are destinations and results to both Considering and Reasoning. When starting from Consideration, they come after - but where Reasoning is, they come before, yet are results to all other previous Reasonings. There is Reasoning already in Comprehension, but it isn't the fulfilled power of Reasoning.

Gradually-increasing levels of Detail-Awareness and Emotional Depth are by-products of the whole process.

Increases in those things can be exponential, while increases in Comprehension, through fulfilled-Reasoning, can be by orders of magnitude - as can be Reasoning, itself.


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