Tuesday 29 September 2015

Managing and Increasing Dopamine Can Easily Add Years to a Person's Life and Good Health

Part 1.

Much old-age deterioration ailment is entirely preventable, if a person manages their Dopamine throughout their life.

Just as pain does not process in a brain, but takes up space in a person’s neural network, so also do the states of Mental Stress not process appropriately, due to there being insufficient Dopamine to handle their processing – and all the rest of a person’s life is built upon that stressed condition affecting an area of their brain. Many times, these stressed pathways accumulate as a person grows old, and a person’s end-of-life state is a manifestation of all the things that they didn’t take care of through Considering and Dopamine. A person who does not take control of this is directly investing in their future deterioration.

Some people’s parents undoubtedly cautioned them with the adage “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?” Well, advising people away from certain drug use is telling people to jump off bridges, and is culprit in the large volume of Mental Stress ailments in society today, including the conditions of dementia in older people. Unfortunately, most kids, when asked by their parents “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?” must have answered, and without any consideration, “Yes! Not jumping off bridges is what bad people do!” And doctors excel in steering people towards jumping off the bridge of their life-long health, by profession.

The human brain runs on drugs: dopamine, opioids, serotonin, adrenaline… and when treatment tries to skirt around or mitigate engagement of those things, it’s consequently no longer trying to treat, but is playing out a fa├žade where practitioners are getting paid for sentiments, placebos, and poisons, while they fail to do anything meaningful or good for people. It’s like they want credit for helpfulness, but they are unwilling to actually do the things that would be of genuine credit to them in this regard. They are just pretenders, hiding in a plain-sight appearance of propriety.

A person can only move along the pathway which their consideration gives them, and the way a person is taught to consider determines the attitude a person will carry – for good or bad. That is why contemporary medical and research professionals are of no use when it comes to providing truthful and genuine health care to society, as these people are dogmatic and ignorant serfs in a capitalistic system that is about which medication will be most profitable if licensed, rather than what will finally resolve these ailments.

Part 2.

I’ve said “Cocaine, which proficiently increases Dopamine while inhibiting Adrenaline, is about the healthiest molecule which most people could ever put into their bodies, literally being the healthier-than-natural release of Dopamine in a person's brain, and can permanently and proficiently cure Psychosis, Depression, and Anxiety, PTSD, and prevent and help cure Alzheimers and other Dementia, and still do a whole lot more for a whole lot of other ailments.”

I’ve also stated that the healthier-than-natural release of a person’s own Dopamine is the full experience of Cocaine, and that it is this Dopamine which is responsible for a person’s mental capacity and physical energy.

And I just said in the previous posting:

If a person can take control of their belief, they can freely give themselves the same continuous positive experience that Cocaine delivers, which is exactly what some sociopaths and highly active people feel as their regular state and think nothing of it.

Many of these things were already known:

(Cocaine causes)… exhilaration and lasting euphoria, which in no way differs from the normal euphoria of the healthy person. You perceive an increase of self-control and possess more vitality and capacity for work. In other words, you are simply normal, and it is soon hard to believe you are under the influence of any drug. Long intensive physical work is performed without any fatigue. This result is enjoyed without any of the unpleasant after-effects that follow exhilaration brought about by alcoholic beverages. No craving for the further use of cocaine appears after the first, or even after repeated taking of the drug.

                                                                                            --  Sigmund Freud, Uber Coca, 1884

All of the above, including the part about no further craving for the drug is true. I will detail the full comprehension of Addiction later, but as I’ve said before, anyone who tells another person that they’re addicted is fully complicit in any habitual behavior that forms. And, logically, every human is born experiencing and depending upon their own Dopamine. If dopaminergics were addictive (and Addiction is an abstract concept, and therefore not possible to be a direct truth to its subject - and everything less than True is False), then every human is born addicted, and only lives every next minute in their earthly life due to their brain properly tending to that “addiction” – which would mean that being addicted is vital to human life, health, happiness, and success. Either all that, or the concept of Addiction is a False one, not understood by those who claim to experience it, or by those who claim to treat it.

At any rate, a person’s released Dopamine availability directs their overall physiological health, their sense of well-being, their work capacity, and their potential for success.

Part 3.

Many people would submit to a sensed need to qualify their condoning of any contentious substance, because their sense of self-worth comes from peer approval, which they take for truth, and not from being counted in the actual truth.

“For all things there is an ordering of considerations” also means that if you skip what’s right, only what’s wrong can follow - which comprehensively describes the state of modern attitudes and practices in institutional and political medicine. So let’s begin with the truth:

- Dopamine is of good benefit. It is as essential as having oxygen to breathe, and water to drink. It provides a person with their capacity to work, and for quality thoughts to produce, that a person might excel. And it also is fundamental to a sense of well-being. Ample released Dopamine is what allows the human brain to properly function and, consequently, delivers health to all the body.

- There are neural connections in a person’s brain that correspond to all areas of a person’s body. When the synapses in the brain are filled with Dopamine, the areas of the body to which they correspond receive benefit in their capability, exactness, strength, healing, and more.

- All Mental Stress (and much physical stress) is Dopamine deficiency within neural pathways which a brain is trying to route and consider signals through, to connect information for a task.

- Any state of Mental Stress within a brain that isn’t resolved becomes an active development factor for all the rest of a person’s life, affecting their physiological functioning. And most old age ailments are the paid for, prescribed, and nurtured product of this.

- If Adrenaline increases, Dopamine’s capability to benefit is counter-acted, and stress states are worsened. Because licensed dopaminergics typically provide an unfavourable Dopamine:Adrenaline release ratio, licensed medicine is generally poison to a person relative to substances that have become illicit in many nations.

- Increasing Dopamine while inhibiting Adrenaline is about the singular healthiest physical act a person can provide their body (beyond breathing and drinking water, and maybe eating food… which contributes to increasing Dopamine), and perhaps more than half of developed ailments in today’s society are preventable, and curable by managing Dopamine needs in a person.

- Cocaine produces the healthier-than-natural release of Dopamine within the human brain (by inhibiting epinephrine/norepinephrine while proficiently increasing Dopamine’s release), and is perhaps the cleanest-acting dopaminergic known to this world, and is also by far the most proficient dopaminergic known: If dopaminergics were classed for their proficiencies from 1 to 5, most licensed medicines would rank as -1 (not a joke) to +1, while some would rank +2, Methamphetamine would rank as +3, and nothing would rank as +4, while Cocaine would sit alone, ranked as +5.

- Ranking dopaminergics on a scale of how healthy they are for a human to take (with 1 being least healthy, and 5 the most healthy) would look about identical. And the higher up the scale in dopaminergic proficiency, the more useful a substance is for authentic treating and curing of dopamine deficiency / Mental Stress emergent ailments.

- By all appearances, analysis, and effect, modern licensed medications are designed to lock ailments in place, while temporarily, very mildly alleviating (sometimes not at all, sometimes worsening) symptoms. Capitalism-driven medicine means the systematic wholesale liquidation of human life and wellness, and has resulted in a large segment of humanity being relegated into livestock status, apart from their recognition and choice.

- In all likeliness, the overall reason behind why there ever was such concerted political propagandising towards Cocaine (though it has become perpetually self-driven) is because it in truth does cure, and cures proficiently (two qualities which are without representation in institutional medicine) – because prohibition certainly wasn’t justified by the reasons put forth in public any more than Marijuana's prohibition was justified by the reasons put forth in the 1936 film Reefer Madness. Both Cocaine and Marijuana's prohibitions were strongly proposed using fears that their availability and use was empowering and encouraging negro populations in society (and so the prohibitions of both have a basis in social engineering).

- There is more genuine curative and preventative power in just Cocaine than exists in all of licensed medicine, combined.

- A person would be prudent and responsible towards their future quality of health and productiveness to make a point of tending to their brain with large and sustained Dopamine increases every so often throughout their life. But what a person does while experiencing an increased Dopamine release is every bit as important as the act itself. There are many people who could easily add many years to their life by managing their stress conditions via proficient Dopamine increases.

Anyone subscribing to institutional doctrine on mental health and ailment development is running in the wrong direction, and away from the truth. And anyone preaching an institution’s conventional doctrine regarding mental health and its treatment is a prescriber of False hope, elongated suffering, lost life experience and potential, and death in general.

The truth is, always was, and will continue to be simple.


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