Saturday 12 September 2015

On Sociopathism / Psychopathism's Detection & Presence in Society

This is a list that I’ve referenced before: The Top 10 Jobs That Attract Psychopaths

And its subject is one which I had fully resolved before this book was published, though I presumed that people would not be willing to hear the truth of the matter, because in this case, reality entirely flips a lot of conventional viewpoints of society, and the sources of many societal issues, upside-down.

Through considering, I received knowing of the exact mechanism and behaviour which produce the traits that have been presumed as typifying what this condition is, and how those things were producing those traits, and also how deadened spaces seen in brain-imaging were forming - and therefore could know exactly what sociopathism / psychopathism is, and with clarity see everywhere that it is acting. And it is acting in a lot more people than just those displaying these outward traits (which aren’t necessary for sociopathism / psychopathism to be present), and in those whose brains reveal dead areas during imaging.

Although the list here mentions Doctor as being among one of the lesser profiles for psychopaths, they are actually among the more psychopathic. It's a matter of circumstances that this person's research led to their conclusion to the contrary. It is easy to appear empathetic when a job is to address others' needs, and the professional is well compensated to be able to comfort their own lives, and put in a position of control and authority, while also receiving heightened social status. But those things obscure a true reading of the situation, and consideration of all the details point to a different conclusion entirely.

For all things there is an ordering of considerations

There are two fundamental way in which a mind and brain develop ailment: by the manner which a person considers (as a brain wires and re-wires itself according to how a person considers), and secondly, from lack of that which powers the consideration structure that is formed (which is dopamine). So there are ailments which are based in sociopathic consideration, and ailments which are based in dopamine deficiency. And between these two elements, nearly every developed malady and malfunction throughout the whole brain and body can be produced.

But consider which comes first – dopamine, or the consideration structure which comes first, for dopamine to power. So if there exist ailments of dopamine deficiency in society, mustn’t there first have existed those of sociopathism? And to whatever extent dopamine deficiency exists in society, mustn’t sociopathism exist to a greater extent, if its influence is able to overcome people’s consideration to the point that their dopamine availability and distribution is harmfully impacted?

In some ways, sociopathism and dopamine deficiency are polar opposite conditions (though both can be, and many times is, present in one brain at the same time) – and the latter emerges due to prior encounter of the former. But presently all dopamine deficiency ailments are being treated by those of higher sociopathic disposition, who already in the past effectively blocked out the solutions for the latter of dopamine deficiency from consideration, therefore leaving for consideration only what cannot possibly produce a truthful solution.

Consider how prevalent dopamine deficiency ailments are: depression, psychosis, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and plays a huge role in more, like autism, dementia.

Despite their mass prevalence, ailments of sociopathism are necessarily even much more prevalent than are ailments of dopamine deficiency - but sight of them is obscured, because those of its disposition have historically based their judgement of their personal worths by relative appearance of propriety, and in ignorance rationalized why it is they are justified in their successes while others exhibit undesirable traits, and dwell in less desirable circumstances - by concocting false doctrines and theories about those dispositions which they have not been of. And it is those utterly false doctrines which are still chiefly employed today.

All things, including time, people, situations, possibilities… everything that is made, is produced through considering. And just as everything is said to have a frequency, everything is considering. Considering is literally straight-forward, and as I’ve said, the Will by which a thing is considered is the Will that is returned at the end of the considering.

That means, put garbage in, get garbage out, and that every considering based in a determination will end in a falsehood. And every considering that stems from a determination is failed before it begins.

By blocking from truthful and objective consideration the centre-piece of dopamine deficiency, the failure of curing its ailments in society has been assured – and instead of them becoming vanished from society, their presence grows each year, and trillions of dollars worth of industries have been built up around precisely not curing them.

Sociopaths have first created dopamine deficiency and its ailments, and then denied (even criminalized and demonized) their curing, and then built industries and institutions around “treating” them through ineffective, palliative-care, false-hope peddling means.

‘Reward’ is a rationalization (and an abstraction, and therefore obviously not a truth to its subject), and possibly the most heinous moral failure in the history of the human race, and its victims possibly outnumber those from any other evil human act in history. And because of it, there is no empathy within institutional medicine for those who need dopamine deficiency's cure.


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