Thursday 14 April 2016

Article: Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues


Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues

Obviously this would be the case, as I've said that considering is the work that requires dopamine, and when choice is removed from a person, there is less for them to consider, and so there is less strain on the person's dopamine supply - which then improves that person's functionality due to the increase in dopamine availability, which enhances their performance in things such as fact memorization, forefront thinking.

But, a person develops considerations through the considering of their experiences to resolution, and the environment of a person's consideration is their smarts. And low consideration met with high dopamine is the recipe for a sociopath, so... the other part of simply doing what is proposed in that article is that, in the end there could be a lot of highly functional, but low-consideration sociopaths produced - and this is already the situation with the kinds of people who are doctors, and scientists... often being people who received discipline while growing up in a form of 'this is good / that is bad', where that discipline served as determinations that built walls of non-consideration in their brain, and, ultimately, grew them into highly functional (due to having lots of non-used dopamine), but ultimately stupid people who have shown themselves unable to perceive truth, regardless of how many of them collaborate, and of how much time they work at something. The determination-based mentality that is responsible for their large dopamine availability and high functionality has also wired them for falsehood, and made them the cause of the suffering of those with mental stress ailments.


Once again, a mere observation is made from study data, without any comprehension its meaning, while I, having known it by having all the considerations which substantiate its truth, have long been saying that this happens, and have already given its full understanding. Also, note that this behaviour of simplifying life choices (consequently going easy on a person's dopamine supply) helps PTSD sufferers, while I've already said that the same effect, of increasing dopamine availability relative to the amount of work a person's brain is trying to consider, can cure PTSD, and have recommended cocaine specifically for this.

And don't misunderstand this: The positive improvement the above linked-to article-writer describes through reducing life work-load is extremely little compared to what is possible with high doses of cocaine, and learning to consider in meditation. What could take years via the article-writers' method (or possibly never be achieved) can be done in an hour, a day, or a week, or some months with the right tact using cocaine. Time requirement in mind-healing is entirely conditional to the amount of released dopamine that is available to a brain, and the impression that addressing these things takes a long time and much outside guidance is entirely due to the offensively inefficient and ignorant methods which institutional medicine employs, all the while capitalizing more monetarily, the longer a condition is dragged out.


Face it: I have, as one person, and without any , and in complete opposition to all they have stood for, brought genuine and complete knowledge of ailments of mind, and their cures, while for 100 years, hundreds of thousands of people who worked on these things accomplished nothing but the perpetuation and growth of life-stealing myths, lies, and arrogances.

A person cannot obey law and convention while simultaneously doing what is best and good for their own health and life, and what is truthful, because those things are converse to one another. Institutional medicine is a falsehood, and its lies are an offence to the truth.

And the truth is that everything those who are doctors, scientists, and government have opposed is good, and the answer, while they and their peers, and predecessors have been the problem all along, and cause of the persistence of mental stress in society.


For being self-claimedly "reward" oriented, it is remarkable that such a large number people decidedly kept the genuine cause and solution for mental stress ailments out of sight and mind for the past century, because now I, as one person and in complete rejection of what they've rested their worths upon, receive, and rightly, full credit for the truth becoming known regarding mental health and its truth-based care, while those people who opposed the truth of these things will be remembered for their contribution to what has been a pile of murderous, sociopathic lies - and as a demonstration for how ineffective and fallible science is. And yet I never sought reward, and was instead motivated by insisting the truth be acknowledged, by considering all the things which they have worked to prevent and circumvent the consideration of.


Jesus said: "The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes." This is once again the case, with dopamine, cocaine, and will be with all other criminalized drug use. And this will always happen when people make determinations, because a determination is a falsehood that separates and aligns-as-opposing the one who makes it, from the considerations which are necessarily included in the truth of any matter. And a person who conducts themselves by making determinations is sociopathic, and the considerations of their mind are polarized away from the truth, and they will always miss the truth and determine something that is, in some way, entirely false. And the more determinations they pile upon their initial determination in pursuit of forcing their initial determination, the more greatly they become divided from the truth.

It is consideration which builds a person's mind and substantiates the truth within them. And when a person lacks this, and because no person can act or be outside of Reason, such a person, who is already a sociopath, forms determinations to falsify reason, which further divides them from the truth, and polarizes their mind against the truth. And, as it also reduces substantiation in consideration for the person's goodness, such a person constantly makes determinations that serve to draw lines which place them on the side of that line that they determine as being good, while everything else on the other side of that line as being their enemy - and their sense of worth to themselves is defined as by being contrast against those things which they have determined as enemy. But, as their determinations are not the truth, in time, no matter how they've drawn their lines, they find themselves up for judgement from within, and they once again form a determination to keep themselves on the side of the line that they determine as good, while everything on the other side of the line they determine as their enemy. And in the end, they find all existence against them.

And, as a person separates themselves from consideration through determination-making, they increasingly lose the ability for considerations to substantiate what is truth, and they increasingly come to rely on appearances, peer consensus, and making determinations. Also, the making of a determination, which polarizes considerations, is the creation of prejudice.

Such is the state of political conservatives (conservatism means to not consider beyond certain ideals, and so inherently is sociopathic - and this is not also a reverse-statement on liberalism). It is also the state of many doctors, and many scientists.


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