Wednesday 27 April 2016

Where Does A "Drug-Induced" Psychosis Really Come From?


A consideration is polar and directional, and everything is contributing towards a movement. The static state of observation which those who call themselves scientists and doctors believe in doesn't exist in the truth, and it is only their lack of connectivity to the truth, and their fear of the truth, that they rest all their sense of safety upon that false concept. Observation is guilt by choice of inaction towards doing what is good, and serving of the truth.


While it's considered that using some psycho-active drug may cause psychosis, anxiety and psychosis cannot occur if a person is of sound mind regarding their actions and experience. A person's uncertainty is a concept, made of considerations, which evaluate True as a "This is" command within their mind, so long as they participate in whatever they are uncertain about. The "This is" produces considering, and other considerations progressively consider through that concept, and receive its influence imparted upon their own values. This can cause a mind to progressively divide itself, and produce anxiousness, and also lead to psychosis.

Therefore, drugs do not cause psychosis, but how a person considers their actions can divide their mind. So, who is responsible for predisposing, through decades-long concerted manipulation, the public's considering towards worry, anxiousness, fear, and guilt, regarding the consumption of criminalized and non-prescribed drugs?


When it comes to "drug-induced" psychoses, the situation is as if a government were to put an electronic bracelet around a people's legs that is capable of exerting great pressure, and will automatically crush and break the leg of a person if ever their two feet come off the ground at once.

And so, when the person jumps, for whatever reason, the bracelet which their government placed around their leg crushes their leg, and then their government says "see, we told you jumping was bad, because it causes your leg to break - this is why we need to have strict rules against jumping". But, of course, there never was anything about jumping that cause the leg to break, and it was completely the government's intervention of putting that bracelet around people's legs that was designed to crush their legs, which caused the person's leg to break, which the government then used to justify having a no-jumping policy, and having leg-crushing bracelets to enforce that policy.

The reality is that the bracelet is an artificial imposition, designed to create an impression for its own necessitation, and removing it will free a person and resolve the real source of threat.

So it is with anti-drug propaganda, which has been brain-washing to force the outcome which is used to push drug enforcement: Drug-induced psychoses are not actually drug-induced, but are actually anti-drug propaganda-spouting doctor, scientist, police and government-induced. And then those people use the product of their own false determinations as justification for continuing their falsehoods.


It is not within a drug's power to choose which way a mind is going to consider something. But the propaganda disseminated in anti-drug efforts has forcefully sought to lead consideration surrounding drugs in a negative direction - and it is that negatively-considering direction, accelerated by increases in adrenaline, which causes harms such as anxiety and psychosis.

But no matter how much effort is made to convince people to be of less-than-sound mind towards drug use, at the end of the day, the human brain still runs on drugs, particularly the effect of cocaine. And so, the effect of cocaine, applied knowingly, continues non-waveringly to be panacea for all mental stress states. And sociopaths who have been comprehensively in denial of reality for many decades will not make that change by their forceful determinations, contrived research, dissemination of misinformation, and threats.


Every consideration traces back to where it came from. I said before that it will become seen that all the greatest harms surrounding drugs were created by those who oppose them. And so it will be.

When one person causes another, by way of a forceful determination, to pre-emptively accept something as harmful apart from all consideration of it, Reason still applies to that determination within the mind of the person who accepts it as True, and then the people who forced that determination upon others become responsible for the negative consideration that ensues in the person who accepted it.

The negative consideration-value in society due to anti-drug propaganda and drug criminalization is tremendous, and is the cause of virtually all mental health issues relating to drug use, and much of which is not directly produced by drug use. At the end of all things, doctors, scientists, governments, police, will all be held responsible for that tremendous negative consideration-value, and all the harms it has caused people.

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