Friday 19 December 2014

Article: Worrying / Anxiety - Intelligence Correlation

Article: People prone to anxiety have higher levels of intelligence

... Which is because all Smarts are developed by considering, and every consideration bears a dopamine-requirement to resolve, and dopamine-availability is reduced the more that a person considers because dopamine is strictly Mental-Task Processing Fuel - and Mental Stress is caused by Dopamine Deficiency, and is the foundational precursor to worrying, anxiety, depression, psychosis, dementia, etc.

It amazes me that resources are continually spent throughout decades on such surveys and a lot of similar meandering research, all of it resolving succinctly, flawlessly, in this one point: Dopamine is Mental-Task Processing Fuel. Yet nothing ever comes of any of it.

The fruitless, circular coming and goings of identically-meaning studies is result of the academic and institutional convention holding to a False premise - that of dopamine's role in the brain being ancillary and reactionary, rather than being a, or the instigating forefront consideration. Truth can never reveal from behind ultimatums, and whatever outcome is forced is grounded in falsity. There is absolutely zero substantiation for 'Reward' (other than the wills of those seeking to validate their validating of themselves), and everything substantiates dopamine as being the brain's required Processing Fuel, aka a neurotransmitter.


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