Sunday 7 December 2014

The Power of Communication - Physics are Temporal

Molecules are made of considerations, dimensional space is made of considerations, a person's intent is made of considerations, everything that a Will exerts becomes necessary considerations to whatever it is exerted upon... all things add up to a message, a signal, that communicates with everything surrounding it.

In a medieval battle, a sword swings and cuts where it is designated to. What makes the cut occur: The sword itself, or the non-physical message that its movement carried?

Part of a sword-swing's reason, which is what makes it real, is its Purpose. If a Purpose receives re-definition, then a thing's overall meaning and message experiences a shift, because considerations bear a compounding, relative influence, governed by Reason's principle.

Considerations that have entirely no communication between themselves will not be aware of each other. They will pass right through each other without influence or effect, and each will be to the other as if non-existent.

A person may witness considerations cross into each other, but the considerations won't experience each other according to what their separation of communication is in regards to.

Certain qualities may also disacknowledge each other for a purpose, while the parent bodies which they belong to do recognize each other.

With considerations, flowing energy can be turned into solid matter, and solid matter can be turned back into flowing energy - qualities can also be partitioned into separate dimensional spaces, or differently-experienced realities. Two solid bodies need not collide, and things ethereal can forcefully impact.


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