Friday 5 December 2014

Considering is the Mechanism of Evolution

As has been said by physicists, everything has a “frequency”. That frequency is the cyclic movement of a considering, with each placement in its oscillation representing a unique set of information. The considering that is done in a human mind is of no different format than the information in anything’s considering oscillation / cycle / frequency “wave”.

The ability to Consider met with the power of Will is the capability to produce all the same information as anything in existence. Even when a human does not, within their own mind, consider, the considerations that their body and brain are built out of still do. Considering can cause a thing's fulfillment or destruction, and the Will that is put into a considering is also the same Will that is returned to the one responsible for the considering in the end. 

Every quality that any creature ever exhibits was first considered within itself before being stored as a gene – and a human can consider all qualities and all capabilities into themselves. To have at all even experienced a concept is to have communicated with its considerations, which can all be engaged.

There is no requirement of time for consideration to cause notable evolutionary change - as has been academically noted, it has taken only a single generation for many humans to markedly digress into a state of devolution. A slow speed of evolution is merely representative of the status of considering within a peoples. An excess of considering can produce little to nothing, or a small amount of considering can change everything, and in all ways.

Every process is a considering, and everything is a new consideration. A considering can continue across generations, and all considering makes use of all preceding considerations within a form. Will can navigate considering into all boundless possibilities.


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