Tuesday 8 December 2015

An Eclectic Assortment of Articles, Which All Receive Resolution by Understanding Dopamine

Article: Holding doors open and other small gestures can make people nicer in return

This is just an example of the things which I've just been explaining in this series of posts:

1. Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression - Increasing Dopamine Minimizes and Prevents Depression and PTSD
2. It Is For Each Person to be Responsible For Their Own Brain's Dopamine Needs
3. How Careless Words Trigger a Depression
4. An Important Factor of Addiction's Existence and Prevalence in Modern Society

Article: video shows how everyday sounds such as a ticking clock can be unbearable

A person doesn't need to be autistic to experience this, and again, this is due to there being insufficient dopamine to pass signals properly. The full processing of one of these sounds is made up of many signals passing through neural pathways, and the timing of those signals are synced to one another.

As they consider along pathways, some of them are passing properly, while others which are timed to them are being forced along pathways even though there isn't the dopamine to allocate to assist their proper passing.

This other post is also relevant to the subject of Autism: Cocaine During Pregnancy Can Prevent Autism

Article: Why too much choice is stressing us out

Choice can stress a person out because analysis and decision making is work for the brain which is accomplished by dopamine's availability, and the more information a person tries to hold in thought at one time, the more dopamine which is allocated to accomplish that holding of information. And mental stress is dopamine deficiency, so the more information a person tries to work with at one time, the more their free dopamine decreases, and the closer to stress they become. If dopamine is increased, then a person is capable to work with more information at one time, to think deeper, and to accomplish work with greater ease.

Article: Caffeine could limit damage of chronic stress

Caffeine is a dopaminergic, like crack cocaine, and therefore of course it can reduce stress, and of course it also reduces memory impairment, as the article also notes. Memory formation and recollection is automatic when there is dopamine enough to accomplish it. When a person focuses to practice memorization, it is because they have limited released dopamine within their brain, and by focusing they are prioritizing its allocation. If a person's brain is absolutely flooded with dopamine, they can learn a new spoken language, from scratch to competent speaking level, every week - and effortlessly. There's a reason why people take dopaminergics to study in university, to enhance athletic performance, to cope with high stress jobs.

Hard work is not what firstly makes a person succeed, but having ample released dopamine within their brain. No amount of hard work can overcome dopamine limitations, because the ceiling of a person's awareness and capability to perceive options, and to form decisions, is all manifested as dopamine allocates to synaptic connections within the brain. Success is natural for a person with high released dopamine, but is a pipe dream for someone with low released dopamine. And it takes just seconds to change the perspective of a person of one disposition to being of the other - through shifting the dopamine availability within their brain.

Article: This is your brain on poverty: 5 facts

That's just the brain on dopamine deficiency, which poverty induces due to it creating many considerings, which are work that requires dopamine to accomplish, and which turns to worries when there isn't dopamine to organize and handle them all. Poverty's angle of attack on human health is via the work it creates for the brain that sponges up available dopamine until the brain can't comfortably cope any more. That same dopamine does the work which keeps a brain healthy, and when there isn't enough of it, everything suffers.

Article: Sexual thoughts boost memory, expert claims

Thinking this way does enhance memory, because it invokes an increase in dopamine release, and it also streamlines the focus of the mind, reducing its overall workload, and freeing up much dopamine. And memory formation and recollection is automatic to there being enough released dopamine for it. Any time dopamine is increased, so is memory.

Article: Black Coffee Drinkers More Likely To Be Psychopaths

The actual reason for it is that increasing dopamine improves a brain's capacity to process experiences, and to consider them all to a positive resolution. That includes touch, smells, sounds, and taste, all of which improve as dopamine is increased, and fade and become impaired as dopamine is decreased, just like turning a light-dimmer in one direction or the other (btw, this is why a lack of smell is a potential indicator for developing Parkinson's disease, which is a preventable ailment that is born out of dopamine deficiency).

Psychopaths have higher released dopamine within their brain, due to their shallower engagement of consideration, reducing the work their brain tries to accomplish, thereby increasing their spare reserves of dopamine. That dopamine enhances their taste, and allows them to enjoy things which others might find unpalatable.

Article: Prenatal exposure to common chemicals linked to lower IQ

That exposure to chemicals produces a lot of work for a brain to overcome, and that work is dependent upon there being enough released dopamine to accomplish it. That additional work, when there's limited dopamine available, means that other developments will be compromised. As I've pointed out, prenatal cocaine use improves foetus development, which is because of its very healthy proficient dopamine increase.

Article: Stress Could Be Your Silent Killer

Mental stress is dopamine deficiency, and it impairs everything concerning a person's health and awareness. It could be that the average person is sacrificing 35%+ of their life across all areas, out of nothing more than contemporary ignorance and dogmatic perceptions regarding dopamine's importance to the human being.

Licensed medications are not very good at treating dopamine deficiency ailment because they generally deliver an unhealthy Dopamine : Adrenaline ratio, and adrenaline's effect, in electrical engineering terms, is like increasing Voltage, increasing pressure in a brain, and its increase exacerbates the problem with dopamine addresses.

Because it delivers the "miracle cure" ratio of Dopamine : Adrenaline, that can take care of all mental stress cases, if used knowingly, in the future, everyone will be a user of cocaine, and that is entirely inevitable. And those who practice the contemporary dogma will be condemned by history, and hated by all future generations for having been the vessels for one of the greatest and most costly evils ever to be conjured by the human species.

There are many, many more articles I can do this for, and every day there appear new cases of studies about all kinds of segmented observations about things, whose fundamental and root cause has to do with dopamine. And those doing the studying spend much time and effort over something for which the understanding is simple and inherent once dopamine's actual role in physiology is understood, and corrected from the modern convention.

As I've said, I know the full picture regarding mental stress ailment and dopamine. It's quite something to be watching all these studies being done concerning what must seem to the people conducting them, to be many different things to chase after, by many different people, costing and earning much money... while completely grasping the whole situation with a view from above.

It's as if a dam were to break, and its water pour into a residential area, causing flooding, water damage, stranded people, food shortages, and many other things. And those people dwelling in the area of effect of that dam breakage keep building barriers, pumping out water, replacing water-damaged furniture and houses, and organizing group transportation to navigate the area, while starving from a lack of food, all the while doing nothing about the broken dam. And rather than just fix the dam, which would resolve all the rest, they instead ignore the dam and perpetually continue tending to all the many issues, which keep regenerating so long as the broken dam is not fixed.

Likewise, all mental stress ailment is preventable, and addressable, even to complete curing - but not by the means, perceptions, or methodology which is contemporarily practised. Instead, those things are reason for mental stress ailment's continued presence in society. And so the sources of mental stress are not primarily in those who experience mental stress ailments, whose bodies and brains are functioning perfectly normally for the dopamine and work conditions that they're being subjected to - but rather in those who are obstacles to the only real treatment that exists for mental stress.

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