Monday 21 December 2015

Articles: Stress could increase the risk of cognitive impairment preceding Alzheimer's & How to help someone with depression

First Article: Stress could increase the risk of cognitive impairment preceding Alzheimer's, study finds

Once again, those who call themselves scientists make a mere observation without any connection to its meaning, while I have already produced its full comprehension from start to finish. And how many times has that happened now?

"The findings aren't saying that stress itself causes Alzheimer's, but rather that it's a risk factor for amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI), a less severe but still noticeable decline in cognitive abilities that sometimes develops into Alzheimer's"

I've already stated that Alzheimer's is a Mental Stress emergent ailment, and identified those "mild cognitive impairment" symptoms as result of there being insufficient released Dopamine to produce a full awareness.

As a Mental Stress state is left untended do, connections can buckle under the pressure and make a mess of the brain.

It takes one quantity of dopamine to make a series of considerations which have reasoned into one evaluate as True. If that series of considerations breaks, it then takes as many quantities of dopamine as there are pieces to that circuit to gather all its information - and then more dopamine to do the work that assembles whatever meaning they're needed to provide within the context by which they're being called for.

A brain whose Dopamine supply is increasingly burdened is going to portray a diminishing awareness.

It takes having sufficient released Dopamine to prevent things from breaking within the brain, and also to mend it after things have broken, while increasing Adrenaline will only serve to agitate the wearing within a stressed brain.

"the good news is that now we know about this link between stress and aMCI, it could help us to focus efforts on reducing stress as we get older and perhaps figure out ways that can better reduce the incidence of this occasional precursor to full-blown Alzheimer's"

It's called Dopamine. Instances of Mental Stress and its emergent ailments only exist in society because of the influence of sociopaths, particularly those working in the field of mental health.

The only obstacle to universal mental health on this planet are the sociopaths who are directing mental health treatment, who cannot possibly do what is right or make a good judgement because a consideration is a quantum of truth and a quantum of mind, and is exactly what a sociopath is lacking.

A person of lesser consideration cannot evaluate the situation of a person of greater consideration, and the considerations which factor into the state of a person of greater considerations are as if invisible to the person of lesser consideration.

"The good news is stress is treatable – which could delay or even prevent pre-dementia"

I've already said that Mental Stress is Dopamine Deficiency, and that 100% of Mental Stress instances are preventable - including all its emergent ailments.

On a related note, remember this article?: Caffeine could limit damage of chronic stress

And why I've said that, yes, caffeine can assist against Mental Stress?:

"Caffeine is a dopaminergic, like crack cocaine, and therefore of course it can reduce stress, and of course it also reduces memory impairment, as the article also notes. Memory formation and recollection is automatic when there is dopamine enough to accomplish it. When a person focuses to practice memorization, it is because they have limited released dopamine within their brain, and by focusing they are prioritizing its allocation. If a person's brain is absolutely flooded with dopamine, they can learn a new spoken language, from scratch to competent speaking level, every week - and effortlessly."

The effect of Dopamine within the human brain is profoundly simple: think of a light-dimmer, where turning it down decreases every positive capability of the brain, while turning it up increases every positive capability of the brain. That's really it, and the nature of Dopamine being Physio-Fuel, and a quantum of work potential for the brain, the means by which the human brain accomplishes all work.

Caffeine is not a particularly great dopaminergic to treat Mental Stress with, and can exacerbate stress conditions. It also has a very low ceiling of headroom. The best means to treat Mental Stress with is cocaine, as its effect of proficiently increasing Dopamine while significantly inhibiting Adrenaline is the "miracle cure", "holy grail", etc for the human brain. It is also a very healthy natural molecule to take, and in comparison licensed medications are practically straight poisons, designed not to cure, but to lock ailments in place for as long as possible, liquidating the person's life for the sake of capitalism.

Dopamine and Cocaine prevent and cure, but doctors, science, and institutional medicine can do nothing, and their whole doctrine is embedded in sociopathic thinking, being completely False as a whole. They never had the truth in them to be able to speak or administer it.


Second Article: How to help someone with depression

All the experiences mentioned in this article are simply the consequence to there being low released dopamine within a brain.

Sense of positive meaning is produced by considerations (represented as synaptic connections within a brain) evaluating True in relation to a person's life. It takes Dopamine for a consideration to evaluate True. If a person lacks released Dopamine, they will lack the capability to experience positive meaning.

A person's capability to do things is produced by signals assembling and passing within their brain. That can't happen apart from there being enough Dopamine to handle whichever tasks are put forth down the brain's pipelines. And the nature of considering, which is what all signals are doing as they transmit down the brain's pathways, is that considerations are polar, and cannot be stopped once they've started - they'll need to consider to a resolution one way or another, or otherwise their information will clog up a person's brain. Lacking Dopamine to accomplish the things which a brain is trying to accomplish will result in lethargy, cloud-headedness, irritation, and can include a host of other things.

In the linked-to article, the author says that the best thing to do for a person who is experiencing this Dopamine Deficiency-induced state is to just sit there and listen.

The reason why is inherent in what I've already said: The information within a person's brain is not static, but moves from one consideration to another, and it is constantly considering forward. The only reason a depressed person cannot overcome the state they are in is because they have no more free dopamine to move consider the information within their brain forward until positive resolution. Their brain has received too much of a workload for their Dopamine availability to handle, and consequently, their brain has log-jammed, and can no perceive where to go next, or render as True and open the next consideration that will move the held information forward.

When a person listens to the Dopamine-deficient person's held information, their presence is supplying the consideration that enables information to move forward: Reason's principle applies to the person's perception and within their brain, and the understanding within the depressed person that their considerations are being heard relieves the depressed person's brain, freeing up some dopamine, which immediately goes towards assisting considering their information forward.

Of course, whether a person's listening is helpful or not is dependent upon what their listening means to the person who is depressed.

It is also possible for the person listening to become conduit for the log-jammed information within the depressed person, and help consider forward to resolution.

So there are two elements to depression, which are the considerations that are bearing a specific meaning within a person's brain, and there being a lack of released dopamine to handle the brain's mechanical capability to consider information towards a positive resolution.

It is likewise for all Mental Stress ailment: there is the held consideration that is responsible for the state, and there is the aspect of a brain being able to consider that information to positive resolution, which is accomplished with dopamine. And of course, a person must choose to engage considering, but Dopamine is what first grants a brain the potential to consider, and to control its considering, and therefore to function.

A related post: How Careless Words Trigger a Depression

All of these are simple problems, and problems that were created by the sociopathism-based doctrine which those calling themselves scientists concocted through their blind observation.

Dopamine is to being mental health as water is to being hydration. It's that simple. The real issue is that people who don't particularly do a lot of work with their brains (considering is a brain's work, and requires dopamine to accomplish), and therefore have ample surplus dopamine are the ones who succeed in academia, because the organization of academia is also tailored to rewarding sociopathic brains, while being an incompatible obstacle for truthful brains.

The fact memorization required for academia is effortless when a brain has lots of free dopamine, and having lots of dopamine is indicative of shallow considering. Also, the information presented in academia is incompatible with a considering brain, because it is False, and a considering brain works all details into their congruous state, and that can't be done with academic information, which is many disparate details that don't add up. And as I've said, the more pieces of disparate information a brain tries to hold at once to work with, the more dopamine is required. Socipathic brains don't hold all the disparate pieces of information to consider them into one body of information, they instead accept them as disparate pieces of information, and memorize them as facts, and then go on to mistreat others by holding to these facts as their doctrine, and as if they had something in common with truth.

But the only constant of Science is that every thing declared to be A Scientific Fact has been replaced before, and will be replaced again. It is impossible for Science to ever produce a truth, and is only a tool for sociopaths.


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